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“He’s also the heart of the show”: Elon Musk Extends His Support to Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland Despite Voice Actor Facing Domestic Abuse Charges

“He’s also the heart of the show”: Elon Musk Extends His Support to Rick and Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland Despite Voice Actor Facing Domestic Abuse Charges

Putting a huge stain on your name in Hollywood is one such move that most of its actors and members try to avoid because doing so would mean the end of their careers in the industry. So what if, let’s say, someone with a lot of money like Elon Musk comes waltzing through to help someone like Justin Roiland and still gets away with it?

It’s happened, and the tech billionaire is now aiming towards extending support for the now-notorious Roiland, whose domestic abuse charges sparked up his life once again after a long time. To be fair, Musk is quite equipped to not even need a PR team with all that wealth.

Justin Roiland FandomWire
Justin Roiland

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Justin Roiland’s Actions Have Landed Him Far Away From Rick and Morty Land

After already having scraped through a close call with the end of his career as a prominent member of the television industry, Justin Roiland has once again made news for the very same thing we’re mentioning.

Justin Roiland FandomWire
Justin Roiland

Arrested and released in 2020 over a domestic battery charge and false imprisonment charges, the 42-year-old voice actor and producer’s pre-trial was then rescheduled for April 27, 2023. The dates are off, but it’s important to note that information about such charges and a case like this against Roiland was not made available to the public until NBC news picked up on it this month.

Reports suggest that the whole case has to do with an unnamed woman who has been reported to have dated Roiland around January 2020.

The release of the case details and the whole issue has ended up raising a whole army of geeks and fans of Rick and Morty aiming their pitchforks towards the show’s co-creator for his actions, but finding people taking a stance in support of Roiland wouldn’t be too hard either.

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Regardless, it was only a test of time for Adult Swim to make that one obvious move everyone expected to happen following NBC News’ report on Justin Roiland’s case- will they remove him from Rick and Morty?

And yes, they surely did. The official Twitter account of Rick and Morty made a huge announcement regarding the removal of the voice actor of Rick Sanchez and its co-creator just 2 days ago-

What’s next for Roiland here? Will he be looking to create something else on his own or will he be able to reclaim his spot working on a TV series that he nurtured to success?

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Elon Musk Has Justin Roiland’s Back

When you have money, nothing else really matters- you have power, you have respect, and you end up making friends you don’t even wanna make! Elon Musk is one such person, who is among the limited few billionaires in the world with such power- not only because of his riches but also because of his influence on one of the world’s biggest social media websites-Twitter.

Justin Roiland FandomWire
Elon Musk

Justin Roiland is currently at the lowest point of his career after having been kicked out of anything related to Rick and Morty, and it so just happens to be Elon Musk who ends up defending him against a crowd of billions hounding the former for his actions and abuse charges.

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On the original post announcing Adult Swim cutting ties with Roiland from the official account of Rick and Morty went viral, YouTuber Tim Pool replied to the post with a snarky comment-

And almost like he ends up on every corner of Twitter 9/10 times, SpaceX founder Elon Musk opined his support for the fallen voice actor and producer while retweeting Pool’s tweet-

It’s quite the bold move to support someone who’s charged with a felony charge as serious as domestic abuse, and Musk is treading on some shady waters here by siding himself with Roiland despite almost half the world rooting against the latter.

Rick and Morty is currently available for streaming on Adult Swim.

Source: Business Insider

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