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“He’s banging on the doors”: Sandra Bullock Frantically Called 911 When a Stalker Invaded Her $16M Home to S*xually Assault Her

"He's banging on the doors": Sandra Bullock Frantically Called 911 When a Stalker Invaded Her $16M Home to S*xually Assault Her

Sandra Bullock is one of the more successful actors in the industry and has gained a large fan following over the years, with immense fame, respect, and multiple awards under her belt, the actor is living her life to the fullest. Apart from being an actor, Bullock is also a successful producer, the world’s highest-paid actress for a couple of years, and had her name in one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

Sandra Bullock has been in the industry for a long time, over three decades now, and within that time she has starred in multiple blockbuster movies, earning her millions of dollars. Well, it is obvious that the Speed actress gained a huge fan following over the years, but what was unexpected was that a stalker tried to invade her home, and obviously with no good intentions.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock Forced To Call 911 for Her Safety

Sandra Bullock has been one of the most successful actors in the Hollywood industry and by starring in multiple blockbuster movies and franchise comes a lot of fame, wealth, and recognition among the common public. Just like many other celebrities, Bullock also enjoys the lavish lifestyle, and that too in a 16 million-dollar house in Los Angeles, California. So apart from the comfort of such a luxurious house, the security is also top-notch, but one fateful night Sandra Bullock had to suffer from the trauma of almost getting assaulted as an intruder broke into her home which forced her to call 911 and ask for immediate assistance regarding this matter.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

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“Someone just broke into my house, I think it’s a man. I’m locked in the closet right now. He’s banging on the doors”

Sandra Bullock was completely shaken and very terrified by this incident as she opens after saying that she felt violated by that man’s actions and also added that she was not the same after that incident. In her 911 call, it was very clear that the actress was very afraid for her life which led her to hide in a closet, moreover, on that very night neither her son nor their housekeeper was at home, which shows that the intruder had been stalking Sandra Bullock’s house for many days.

After the 911 call, the police arrived shortly after, capturing the intruder on the premises of her house, who was later identified as Joshua James Corbett, a 39-year-old, at the time of the incident, which happened back in 2014.

Joshua James Corbett Suffered From an Ill Fate Years Later

The incident of Joushu James Corbett intruding on a 16 million dollar house of the Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock was quite severe as he was caught loitering around on the premises of her house by the police. Moreover, when he was brought to court to stand trial, many things were revealed such as though he was unarmed it was revealed upon further investigation that Corbett had been stalking the Hollywood actress for several days. It was also found that the accused had several illegal weapons registered under his name which worsened his plea of “not guilty”, but eventually he was fined with more than $2 million bail and a 10-year protective order issued against him.

Joshua James Corbett
Joshua James Corbett

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The trial took place in 2017 and apart from all these punishments, it was stated that Joshua James Corbett will be mental health treatment to help him get better, but this took a dark turn very soon. Just a year later, in 2018, Corbett had a very long fight with the LAPD and the SWAT which finally resulted in him taking his own life. Later on, Sandra Bullock commented on this matter saying that the justice system and the way of the world had “failed him” from getting proper care.

Source: Glamour Magazine

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