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“He’s bloody fallen asleep!”: Christian Bale Dozed Off While Filming $373M Movie That Left Michael Caine Furious

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The technique of Method Acting is something that has become a legend in the Hollywood industry nowadays, but Christian Bale is one of the few remaining stars in the business that swear by the practice. Taking the portrayal of the character he is about to play to the extreme by instilling that characteristic in himself, the star makes his roles in his films something that the audience can never forget after watching his performance.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

Thus, there are no arguments in the industry that accuse the actor of lacking in his roles. but even one of the most hardworking celebs needs their sweet rest to juice up. Thus, when the star was seen taking a nap on the sets of Batman Begins, people thought nothing of it, until it was revealed that the camera was still rolling when he dozed off.

Christian Bale Slept While Shooting A Scene From Batman Begins

Christian Bale as the Dark Knight
Christian Bale as the Dark Knight

The discipline of Method Acting is sure to take a toll on a person’s body, especially when that person has to go through physical and mental transformations quite frequently. Thus, Christian Bale has made a name for himself in the industry for being infamous to put himself into situations that push him to the brink of collapse. Therefore, his falling asleep on the sets of Batman Begins was treated as normal, but sleeping while a shot is being taken was not, especially by his co-star Michael Caine.

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During the shoot of the scene from the film where Bale interjects in the conversation between Morgan Freeman and Caine, the American Psycho star had to just pretend to be asleep, but due to exhaustion from all his training and routine of the project, he dozed off for real while the shot was being taken on camera. In an interview with Uproxx, the star shared this secret information, recalling the event as vividly as he could. He said:

“In the scene, I was meant to be waking up, so I laid down and just fell asleep. And I didn’t hear ‘action.’ So, Michael and Morgan were talking, and I was supposed to join in. I woke up with Michael Caine poking me in the ribs and going, ‘Look at that! He’s bloody fallen asleep, hasn’t he? He’s bloody fallen asleep!’”

This just goes to show how much Bale dedicates himself to the project he works on, and that even he is human and needs rest like the rest of us.

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What Is Next For Batman?

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman
Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman

Ever since Bale hung the cape and relinquished his mantle of the vigilante of Gotham City, Ben Affleck has carried on the legacy, but even that seems to be coming to an end soon. With the old regime of the DCEU falling to make room for James Gunn’s DCU, the CEO has decided to reboot the Batman franchise once more to bring him into a whole new light by also bringing back Robin in a future project by Gunn himself. This means there’s a chance we might just get something even greater than before.

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Batman Begins, now streaming on HBO Max

Source: Uproxx


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