“He’s carried a burden for many years “: Nia Long Will Always Love Will Smith Despite His Tragic Downfall After Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars

"He's carried a burden for many years ": Nia Long Will Always Love Will Smith Despite His Tragic Downfall After Slapping Chris Rock at Oscars
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Nia Long opened up about her long-lasting support for her dear friend Will Smith. Ever since the Oscar slap, the Men in Black star received a major internet backlash. The Oscar’s most controversial night involved the Bad Boy star who slapped the comedian Chris Rock. Rock joked about Smith’s wife, Jada Smith who is suffering from a hair loss condition caused due to alopecia, the joke enraged the Emancipation star. The following answer became the most viral entertainment moment for the last year. Smith’s slap was not received well by the internet. Yet Smith’s beloved co-star Nia Long tried to subtly defend the Bad Boy star’s actions.


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Nia Long and Will Smith
Nia Long and Will Smith

Will Smith’s Slap Invites Internet’s Wrath

Following the slap, there were severe consequences imposed on Will Smith. The Gemini Man actor was banned from attending the Oscars for the next 10 years. The criticism that tainted Smith’s public image is something that can never get off of the Men in Black star. All the projects Smith was in were put on hold. Not to forget the recent snub the actor experienced from the Golden Globes despite delivering his good work in Emancipation


Though Smith confessed that his actions were unforgivable and unacceptable yet it seems like it is far too early for people to overlook his past actions. Smith received a critical blow on his social media handles where his followers are declining at a noticeable rate. Unlike him, Chris Rock has received the internet’s sympathy and support. 

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Will Smith slapped Chris Rock
Will Smith slapped Chris Rock

Nia Long Defended Will Smith’s Actions

Nia Long co-starred with Will Smith in the NBCs 1990 sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The Fatal Affair actress appeared as Will Smith’s character’s girlfriend and later fiancée Beulah “Lisa” Wilkes. Long subtly tried to justify Smith’s actions as an outcome of the year’s pressure of representing perfection. The Loves Jones star made her stance very clear that she will always love and support Will Smith.


“I will always love him. He’s had an incredible career, and he’s carried a burden for many years to try, you know, to represent what perfection looks like or what achievement looks like. I don’t think that — at least when we were growing up — there was room to be human. I think he’s now able to be human. And I am just thankful and grateful for that moment in my career cause it taught me a lot about comedy….. He is a joyous person…We all have our moments in life where we need to reconcile things that maybe we suppress. And I think — it’s hard growing up in this business and being front and center every day, all day.”

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Nia Long on Will Smith's slap
Nia Long on Will Smith’s slap

Though Long’s support for Smith was received well by the internet. Yet the current position of Smith doesn’t look any better. Long, who struggled with her pretty public breakup out of 13 years of long relationship, was commended for her genuine support of Will Smith.

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