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“He’s convicted”: Alec Baldwin Warned by Legal Experts After His Manslaughter Charges

"He's convicted": Alec Baldwin Warned by Legal Experts After His Manslaughter Charges

Alec Baldwin who is charged on two counts of involuntary manslaughter, his case is taking a critical turn. The infamous Alec Baldwin shooting incident during the rehearsals of the movie, Rust, had consumed the innocent life of Ukrainian cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Along with Baldwin, the first assistant director and armorer of the movie are also charged as they are primarily responsible for this dreadful mishap. As per the expertise shared by the legal experts, claiming that Baldwin can easily escape the prosecution’s allegations. 

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Alec Baldwin and Halyna Hutchins
Alec Baldwin and Halyna Hutchins

The Infamous Alec Baldwin Shooting Incident

To sum up the tragic incident, during the shooting of Baldwin’s movie Rust, he was handed over a gun for rehearsals which was reportedly claimed as cold, reportedly handed over and declared to him by first assistant director Dave Halls. The armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, whose responsibilities surround the assurance of safety during the use of arms and ammunition, was also convicted. Gutierrez-Reed clearly couldn’t fulfill her duty. As a result Baldwin accidentally fired live rounds which claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and hospitalized the director, Joel Souza, who was shot in his shoulders. 

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Alec Baldwin from the sets of Rust
Alec Baldwin from the sets of Rust

Legal Experts Sheds Light on Alec Baldwin’s Possible Conviction

The legal attorney Kate Mangels from the law firm Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump Holley, who is completely unrelated to the case, shared her expert guidance claiming that Baldwin can easily come out of the court as an innocent without any convictions. She claimed that Baldwin can easily defend himself from the prosecution. 

“I think potentially what the prosecution here did was charged Alec Baldwin with sort of a more serious crime with potentially the expectation that they’ll get an agreement to a lesser, less serious crime. So I think it’s not uncommon for prosecutors to charge sort of a more serious crime, even if it will be more difficult to prove that crime. Based on what the public knows, it seems like it would be difficult for the prosecution to prove that he had the sufficient sort of state of mind to justify these charges.”

Mangels’s words have come in alignment with criminal defense attorney Lara Yeretsian, who too believes that Alec Baldwin can not be punished for the allegations made against him by the prosecution.

“All they need to do is basically convince a jury that Alec Baldwin committed a misdemeanor negligent use of a firearm, which includes the criminal negligence element. He’s convicted. Now, can they establish that is a different story? The argument is going to be that this was not in any way negligent use because this was a rehearsal, this was supposed to be a cold gun. He couldn’t have reasonably known it. So, there’s no criminal negligence, in other words.”

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Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Even after so many months after the incident, Hutchins’s loved ones are still fighting for justice. It is tough to say if the true criminals of the case will ever get punished for their negligence and carelessness which took the life of an innocent. 

Source: Fox News

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