“He’s essential to the universe”: Fantastic Four Has a Challenge To Overcome With Galactus Amid Marvel’s Villain Problem

The upcoming Fantastic Four reboot has to do many things right with the character of Galactus if he's to be introduced as the antagonist.

“He’s essential to the universe”: Fantastic Four Has a Challenge To Overcome With Galactus Amid Marvel’s Villain Problem


  • The Fantastic Four reboot film for the MCU was recently announced officially by Marvel Studios for a 2025 release.
  • Since there is a major antagonist problem in the MCU at the moment, the company aims to bring Galactus as the next big villain of the franchise.
  • According to the lore of the comics, Galactus is a necessary entity for the universe to exist, which is something worth noting if he is to be antagonised.
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While it may not look like it at the moment, there’s currently a huge antagonist problem in the MCU, and it’s all due to Marvel Studios deciding to fire Jonathan Majors as Kang after his legal case with ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. This is what may have led to the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot film switching gears and introducing contingencies in terms of supervillains in the franchise.

Jonathan Majors in a still from Loki
Jonathan Majors in a still from Loki

With the next batch of films and series just around the corner, it’s become priority number one to bring in a suitable antagonist in the franchise as soon as possible, and with the upcoming film mentioned above, they have the perfect chance to introduce Galactus in the MCU.

But despite all the speculations and rumors, the antagonistic element would have to be treated carefully by the cinematic juggernaut, especially when this particular entity is a necessity for the MCU’s existence.


The Upcoming Fantastic Four Film Might Introduce Galactus As The Supervillain For The MCU

The logo of the upcoming Fantastic Four
The logo of the upcoming Fantastic Four by Marvel Studios.

The main antagonist situation in the MCU is in a deep limbo at the moment after the firing of Jonathan Majors as Kang, and with Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, no longer in the picture, there aren’t any supervillains to justify the expansion of the franchise. But now, it seems like Marvel Studios may try to solve this by bringing in a heavy-hitter from the Marvel Comics lore into the picture in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot film.

Recent reports by industry insiders like Jeff Sneider claim that a rumor is in circulation, which states that the aforementioned film might feature the Cosmic Annihilator as the main antagonist of the film, or at least, will introduce him to the MCU for future events. Since he is one of, if not the biggest threats that the Avengers ever faced in their lifetime, it’s safe to say he might be the replacement of Kang The Conqueror in the franchise.


Since he’s a celestial entity that is beyond mortal comprehension, it’s safe to assume that the character will not only serve as the perfect antagonist for the upcoming film but also for the MCU, which is more likely the case since he isn’t some villain that the Fantastic Four will ever be able to deal on their own, no offense.

But if they make him the big bad of the cinematic universe going forward, it may also be the wrong move for Marvel Studios, especially since he is sort of a necessary evil to the entire existence as we know it.

Why Making Galactus MCU’s Major Antagonist Might Not Work Out

Galactus from the pages of Marvel Comics
Galactus from the pages of Marvel Comics

When we look at someone like Galactus from the lore of Marvel Comics over the years, people might understand how this character is truly unique and virtually unfathomable to frame him as just a villain.


Unlike Thanos, who was a villain because of his flawed and cruel sense of righteousness, he was still a mere mortal. Galactus on the other hand, is by literal definition, an omnipotent celestial entity that controls the flow of the universe. This character is also neither bad nor good according to the moral scale, he’s just necessary for existence as we know it.

He is responsible for the safety of this timeline and state of existence from threats that none of the residents of this plane’s dwellers could even fathom, but at the same time, is an entity that requires a planet as the source of sustenance. He’s like a gardener of cosmic proportions who grows and nurtures life in the universe, and to feed himself, he occasionally has no choice but to uproot one of his creations.

Thus, Marvel Studios would have to tread very carefully with this character if they wish to make him an antagonist.


Fantastic Four, in cinemas on 25th July 2025.


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