“He’s f—king awesome”: Cillian Murphy’s Famous Doppelgänger is Obsessed With Oppenheimer Star After Watching All of Christopher Nolan’s Films

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“He’s f—king awesome”: Cillian Murphy’s Famous Doppelgänger is Obsessed With Oppenheimer Star After Watching All of Christopher Nolan’s Films

Cillian Murphy has amassed a large number of fans in his career with his works in the industry. The Oppenheimer fame garnered worldwide stardom after starring in some of the most iconic Christopher Nolan movies as well as the Peaky Blinders series. But recently the fans were excited to know that his famous doppelgänger Tyler Glasnow is also a huge fan of his works when the famous Tampa Bay Rays pitcher was asked about his thoughts on Murphy.

Cillian Murphy with his doppelgänger
Cillian Murphy and his doppelgänger Tyler Glasnow

Besides being a professional MLB player, Tyler Glasnow has also made a name for himself after several fans have pointed out his resemblance with the Thomas Shelby fame. The baseball player also proved to be a great movie lover when he spoke about the excellence of Cillian Murphy in acting.

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Cillian Murphy found a fan in his doppelgänger

Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby
Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby

Tyler Glasnow is a popular face among the netizens who know him as the famous doppelgänger to Cillian Murphy. He never addressed this thing publicly until recently he sat into a conversation with GQ.

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According to the 30-year-old MLB player, the extra attention doesn’t impact him much as the doppelgänger thing is mostly popular among avid internet users while he prefers to stay away from social media. But Glasnow added that his mother also agrees with his facial resemblance to the blue-eyed Irish actor- “Then my mom was like, ‘You kind of do look like him!'”

Tyler Glasnow
Tyler Glasnow

When asked if he was a fan of the works of Cillian Murphy, he was quick to respond yes. Glasnow revealed that he is a big fan of Murphy’s works and Peaky Blinders is his absolute favorite.

“Absolutely! I think he’s f–king awesome. Peaky Blinders is really good. I think he’s such a good actor, so I’m like, ‘That’s cool, yeah!’ He looks great.”

Following this, he was also asked if he liked Murphy’s collaborations with Christopher Nolan. Tyler Glasnow reflected his excitement on the question and it was evident that the ex-Pittsburgh Pirates player is also a fan of Nolan’s movies.

Yeah, of course. If you say you’re not a Christopher Nolan fan, you’re crazy. You know what I mean? He’s awesome. All his Batman movies are pretty sick. Is he Interstellar and Inception too? [GQ: Yes.] Holy sh-t. Interstellar is really good. Wow! I didn’t know that he did Interstellar. Maybe I don’t know that much. That movie is insane.”

It is quite clear that Tyler Glasnow is a huge fan of the movies of the person he is associated with. It was also reflected in his reaction after watching Oppenheimer.

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What did Tyler Glasnow say about Oppenheimer?


After speaking about Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan, it was quite natural for the conversation to go towards Oppenheimer. The latest flick was immensely praised by both the audience and critics. Everyone loved the amazing performance by Murphy as the Father of the Atomic Bomb accompanied by the brilliant filmmaking skills of Nolan.

Gasnow was also asked if he checked out Oppenheimer and he couldn’t stop praising the movie and his experience in IMAX.

“I have! It was awesome. I went to an IMAX theater in Tampa. It was sick. I love the movies, so I go as much as I can.”

He added that the movie is 3-hour-long but not a single scene feels unnecessary in the movie. But similar to most of the fans, the Trinity Test scene was his favorite. The filmmaking excellence and realism were shown in that scene and everybody was both shocked and mesmerized by the sequence.

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Tyler Gasnow rated the movie a solid 9 out of 10 and it can be concluded very well that the Tampa Bay Rays pitcher is a very big Cillian Murphy fan to the core. He also added that he would be all up if Christopher Nolan needed an athlete for his movies by any chance someday until it overlaps with his season.

Source: GQ

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