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“He’s Fatman, not Batman”: Jennifer Lawrence Was Terribly Disappointed after Making out With Christian Bale in this $251M Oscar Nominated Film

“He’s Fatman, not Batman”: Jennifer Lawrence Was Terribly Disappointed after Making out With Christian Bale in this $251M Oscar Nominated Film

Back in 2013, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence once starred in a crime/drama movie titled American Hustle. The movie, directed by David O. Russell was very well received and the cast also had a fun time behind-the-scenes of the movie.

With Christian Bale known for his variety of physiques, the Silver Linings Playbook actress was in for a surprise as her make-out scene did not go the way she expected. During a scene in which Bale was not exactly skinny and muscular and yet, Lawrence had expected him to be in his Batman physique!

Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle

When Jennifer Lawrence Made Out With Fatman

With David O. Russell in the director seat, the 2013 movie American Hustle included several big Hollywood stars such as Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, and, Jeremy Renner. A crime/thriller movie was the genre and The Hunger Games actress was all in for it for Christian Bale.

Christian Bale in American Hustle
Christian Bale in American Hustle

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Christian Bale, has a muscular physique in The Dark Knight trilogy and is known for increasing and decreasing weight as per necessity. In American Hustle, the actor was asked to gain weight for his role of Irving Rosenfeld. This, however, was not known by Jennifer Lawrence as she was quite excited about a makeout scene with The Dark Knight actor.

In an interview, director David O. Russell revealed that Jennifer Lawrence jokingly stated that she had expected Christian Bale to be Batman and not Fatman!

“I finally get to make out with Christian Bale, and he’s a really fat guy. He’s Fatman, not Batman.”

David O. Russell was however impressed with Bale’s ability to essentially shape-shift his body.


“The shocking thing is that Christian can charm ladies even with the comb-over and the belly because it comes from confidence and heart.”

The movie was praised by many and Lawrence got a knack for making such movies for the future. Her upcoming movie titled No Hard Feelings is also one such example of the actress’ penchant for unique movies.

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Jennifer Lawrence Will Shine In No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

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With a unique tale to tell, Jennifer Lawrence is all set to shine in her upcoming sexual comedy film titled No Hard Feelings. In the movie, Lawrence’s character has to date an introverted and awkward 19-year-old for money to save her old home from losing.

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, the film has been getting some allegations of glamorizing grooming and sexual harassment. Only time will tell whether this would be Jennifer Lawrence’s boon or a curse for the year 2023. No Hard Feelings, starring Jennifer Lawrence is set for a release date of 23rd June 2023 in theaters across the world.

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