“He’s got his crew now”: One Piece Showrunner Confirms Season 2’s Theme, Wants to Challenge Luffy’s Skills as a Captain

One Piece Showrunner Confirms Season 2’s Theme, Wants to Challenge Luffy’s Skills as a Captain

Netflix quickly announced a second season for their successful live-action One Piece series after the first season aired. The show has a lot of source material to use for both the second season and potential future seasons.

Although it’s not confirmed yet, if the second season follows the source material, Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates may visit places like Loguetown, Drum Island, and Alabasta, which have important characters and moments in the story.

Netflix One Piece
Netflix’s One Piece Fight Scene

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda also hinted that Tony Tony Chopper would join the cast in the second season. Chopper is a human/reindeer hybrid, so it’ll be interesting to see how Netflix portrays him in the real world. However, in a recent interview, the showrunner, Matt Owens, talked about the main theme for the upcoming season.

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Showrunner Matt Owens Reveals Main Theme for Upcoming Season

In a recent interview with Deadline, when asked about the main theme of One Piece Season 2, Matt Owens responded:

“Without saying too much, and speaking to any new characters that we might meet, I would say a major theme that we’re working with in Season 2 is the challenge of leadership. From Luffy’s perspective, he’s got his crew now, and they are setting out to the Grand Line. They’re doing the thing, and there are a lot of challenges that come with that responsibility. And that theme ties into some other stories and characters that I won’t give away just yet. But the challenge and leadership is a big theme for us in Season 2.”

Matt Owens
Matt Owens| Image Credits: Netflix

Matt Owens, the co-writer for Netflix’s One Piece, shared that in Season 2, they want to explore the theme of leadership as the Straw Hat Pirates continue their journey. Luffy has a crew now, and they are heading to the Grand Line, which comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges. This theme also connects to other stories and characters in Season 2.

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Matt Owens’ Insights on Season 1 Lessons for One Piece Season 2

During the interview, when Owens was asked about what he learned from Season 1 that he’d like to use in Season 2 or avoid repeating, he said:

“Honestly, one of the biggest lessons that I think we’re taking into Season 2 is to trust ourselves. We managed to make something that really resonated with people, with newcomers and fans alike. And this was a difficult show in terms of tone, in terms of the world and how weird it can be but it’s also incredibly emotional.”

One Piece - Netflix
One Piece – Netflix

He continued:

“We did not know how people were going to respond, and I’m moved by how positively on the whole it has been received. And so I believe one thing for us to take is to trust ourselves. Now we can say, Okay, we were walking a tightrope, and we got to the other side, people are down for what we put out into the world, people are okay with this weird, wacky world. And so let’s keep doing it, let’s give them more of what we want to make because what we want to make is what they want to see.”

Owens also mentioned that they value that the ideas for the show originate from conversations between Oda and himself. At no point in developing this show did the team think, “What’s the concept? A rubber boy in a straw hat who’s a pirate? Alright, I’ll create my own story with that.”

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Source: Deadline

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