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“He’s his own worst enemy”: David Fincher Gets Blamed for Netflix Canceling Mindhunter as Fans Claim ‘Perfectionist’ Director’s Invisible CGI Cranks Up the Cost

David Fincher Gets Blamed for Netflix Canceling Mindhunter as Fans Claim ‘Perfectionist’ Director’s Invisible CGI Cranks Up the Cost

CGI has become almost a necessity in the entertainment industry and sometimes, as seen in superhero projects, it can be a lot. However, there are certain times when viewers cannot even believe that CGI has been used in a particular shot. This is known as invisible CGI or invisible VFX and director David Fincher has mastered it.

David Fincher
David Fincher

David Fincher will not listen to anyone when it comes to making his projects as perfect as possible. If you thought perfection was a myth, he would like to disagree. Netflix’s Mindhunter is one such example of just how much attention David Fincher spares to detail. However, with the show getting an abrupt stop owing to how expensive the show was, fans are calling him out for spending a bit too much on invisible VFX.

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Did David Fincher’s Invisible CGI Doom Mindhunter?

Subtle visual effects in Mindhunter
Subtle visual effects in Mindhunter

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It has time and again been stated that Netflix’s Mindhunter was just too expensive to continue. Now, thanks to a YouTube video talking about the show’s invisible VFX, it looks like David Fincher’s attention to detail and perfectionism might be the root cause behind Mindhunter being so expensive.

Since there were no supervillains coming through the skies or buildings falling to the ground amidst a super-powered fight, fans could be confused as to where the VFX was actually used in the two seasons of the show. Nothing actually seemed out of the blue at first glance, however, after taking a close look you do tend to understand how CGI was used. After all, it’s invisible for a reason! Check out the YouTube video from the channel “Artemple Hollywood” to understand a bit more about the invisible CGI.

Since the show was set in the 1970s, the VFX is used to erase anything and everything that could be considered modern. Cars, buildings, airplanes, and anything that didn’t fit into the look of the period had got to go. From making appropriate changes to the background of the shots to adding snow to the scene, Fincher didn’t leave a single stone unturned.

However, fans are calling this perfectionism out on Twitter as they state that Fincher might’ve dug Mindhunter’s grave with his own hands. Even though they applaud the show’s executive producer for his work, they do believe that he might’ve overdone it a bit this time.

Regardless of what happened with Mindhunter, we have to give credit where credit is due. It would be unfair to ignore just how beautiful Fincher’s projects are to look at!

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What David Fincher Said about Mindhunter

Netflix's Mindhunter
Netflix’s Mindhunter

The fact that Mindhunter would not be returning for season three has been asserted a few times now. Most recently, Fincher talked to the French newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD) about the ordeal once again. He was asked if Mindhunter has any plans of returning to the screens again to which he replied,

“I’m very proud of the first two seasons. But it’s a particularly expensive show and, in the eyes of Netflix, we haven’t attracted a large enough audience to justify such an investment. I don’t blame them, they took risks to launch the series.”

It sure looks like the invisible VFX took a heavy toll on the series. With a premise so unique and so entertaining, Mindhunter’s cancellation is truly a punch to the gut for fans of the genre.

You can stream the two seasons of Mindhunter on Netflix.

Source: Artemple Hollywood

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