“He’s looking forward to sprinkling a little stardust on the club”: Will Ferrell Aims to Recreate Ryan Reynolds’ Fairy Tale Wrexham Story With Soccer Club That’s Eyeing Premier League Return

Will Ferrell makes a big investment in the Leeds

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  • Will Ferrell is shifting his focus into sports by following in Ryan Reynolds' footsteps.
  • He has decided to invest in the Leeds United Football Club.
  • With this investment, the team's next big step is to make it into the Premier League.
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Will Ferrell has his fair share of fans who are fascinated by his comedic genius. Being one step ahead at all times for some of the most notorious jokes, the actors are always up for a challenge. Having starred in some of the most iconic movies throughout his career, the actor has easily established himself as one of a kind.

Will Ferrell in Elf
Will Ferrell in Elf

It would seem that now, he is taking his career to the next level and investing in sports. Following in the footsteps of his Spirited co-star Ryan Reynolds, it has been reported that Ferrell is investing soccer after allegedly buying a stake in the Leeds United Football Club.

Will Ferrell Ties The Knot With Soccer

It was reported that Will Ferrell has become quite keenly interested in the world of soccer in recent years. So much so, that he has recently decided to buy a “large” stake in the US owners of the Leeds United Football Club, 49ers Enterprises. While Deadline reported that the company has refused to comment on its stakeholders, a source close to the matter spoke to The Sun about everything.


“It’s true – Will Ferrell owns a share of Leeds. The 49ers will be announcing his involvement in the coming days and he’s looking forward to sprinkling a little stardust on the club.

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell in Anchorman

They started by confirming his involvement, claiming that Ferrell had, in fact, bought a share of the Leeds. While no official source has confirmed this news, they also added that in the coming days, the announcement will be made. They finished by saying that the actor was looking forward to his official involvement with the soccer club.

What Is The Goal For The Leeds United Football Club?

The insider also reported that there is one main goal that Will Ferrell and 49ers Enterprises have when it comes to Leeds, they wish to bring them back to their guided glory. The actor and the company are hoping for the soccer club to make its way back into the Premier League.

“And his aim now is to see Leeds back where they belong — in the Premier League. As far as Will and the 49ers are concerned, this is a serious investment opportunity.”

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in Spirited
Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell in Spirited

With their goals and aims in mind, the source added that the team finds their partnership with Ferrell to be a very good investment opportunity. What happens afterward would be a task requiring patience and a lot of commitment.


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