‘He’s made it clear that nothing is off the table’: Henry Cavill Hellbent on Bagging James Bond Role after Being Fatshamed by ‘Casino Royale’ Director Martin Campbell

'He’s made it clear that nothing is off the table': Henry Cavill Hellbent on Bagging James Bond Role after Being Fatshamed by 'Casino Royale' Director Martin Campbell

The race to the top of the 007 mountain just got even brasher. Up until now, the franchise had been witnessing Daniel Craig’s incredible take on the beloved literary character in what can only be termed a revolution. Now, according to popular vote, the responsibility falls on Henry Cavill to carry that same legacy forward. Considering how he is neither Superman nor Geralt at the moment, thus omitting the two greatest long-term commitments on the actor’s part, Cavill as Broccoli’s new Bond could be the one to equate the overshadowing legacy left behind by the incredible Daniel Craig.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill Still a Strong Contender For the 007 Odds Race

In 2005, when Barbara Broccoli & Co. had cast their net to catch a newer, shinier 21st-century James Bond, it was Daniel Craig who won the pot of gold. With looks, grace, talent, and a rugged grimness to him that far exceeded the Bonds that came before, Craig immediately became a sensation and a controversy. The latter quality didn’t stick around for long when the actor soon proved why he was worthy of the coveted role in one of the best, most compelling, and feminist take on the character, if not the fiercest and darkest one, to date.

Daniel Craig as 007 in Casino Royale (2006)
Daniel Craig as 007 in Casino Royale (2006)

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But now that it’s time to let go, a past has come back to haunt the 007 franchise in the aftermath of Craig’s retirement. In 2005, there was one other person who had come close to winning the race against Craig – a young actor of 22 aka Henry Cavill. As per rumors and reports, Martin Campbell, the Casino Royale director, who had a say in the casting vote claimed Cavill was too young if a bit inexperienced as compared to Craig’s 37, and not physically fit enough to don the 007 garb.

15 years later, Cavill is the one true choice for the fans as he leads the race, followed by Tom Hardy, Regé-Jean Page, and Idris Elba. And insiders claim that he has not entirely dismissed the option to be the world’s most infamous spy.

The Case For Henry Cavill as the Next James Bond

It is not every day that an actor comes so close to touching greatness and being snubbed – once for being too young and the next time for being too old. But that is the primary concern as of this moment with the former DC actor. Henry Cavill’s case has been built, taken apart, and reconstructed by theorists, fans, and insiders with enough information to present a case comprehensible enough for the audience. The sanest argument, though, does indicate his age as a decisive factor in the final vote.

Henry Cavill in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Henry Cavill in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

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However, when one looks past the fact that Cavill will soon be 40 (as of May 2023), the decision to see the Brit cruising around in the silver Aston Martin is on the top of the Bond Odds at the moment and has been so ever since Craig’s retirement was announced. Considering how popular he is with the current industry demography, it would not be detrimental to the 007 franchise to cast him in a trilogy deal. Be it comics or epic fantasy, the actor has donned every suit, and a spy action thriller would be a stone’s throw away from his role in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which should be a case strong enough to elect Cavill immediately.

It would be a great irony if, even after decades of wanting and pursuing the one role that got away and fans wanting it to happen, Henry Cavill passes up on the offer considering his commitment toward the new Warhammer Cinematic Universe which he has taken on fully to executive produce and star in after the DCU and Netflix fiasco of 2022.

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