“He’s made some shocking confessions to her”: Ben Affleck Allegedly Leaked Jennifer Lopez’s Private Messages to Jennifer Garner

"He's made some shocking confessions to her": Ben Affleck Allegedly Leaked Jennifer Lopez's Private Messages to Jennifer Garner
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Since tying the knot back in 2022. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have kept on making headlines but not always for the right reasons, as there has been an upsurge of reports of alleged tension in their marriage. And it seems the Dawn of Justice Star’s friendship with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner might’ve worsened the situation per new reports.


Despite parting ways with Garner after a marriage that lasted over a decade, the Pearl Harbor Stars have maintained a close bond with her behind closed doors for the benefit of their kids. But it seems their friendship might’ve taken a toll on Affleck’s relationship with Lopez, as reports claim that Affleck allegedly leaked Lopez’s private messages to his Pearl Harbor Costar.

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s Allegedly Confides Too Much to Jennifer Garner

Recently reports emerged claiming that Ben Affleck‘s alleged closeness to his ex-wife is causing some rift between him and Lopez, as an insider claimed Affleck confides too much to Garner. The Insider further claimed that The Flash Star is allegedly making some “shocking confessions” to Jennifer Garner, involving his current wife’s temper and old texts. While Affleck did assure Lopez that his kids are the lone reason why he has maintained a close bond with Garner, per Insider, The Mother Star allegedly demanded the actor to “make her his No.1 priority again — not Jen”. 

The Insider claimed,

“Ben’s reliance on Jen as a confidante may have crossed the line. He’s made some shocking confessions to her about J. Lo’s temper and the ugly texts she sends him, which he shouldn’t have done.”

But this isn’t the lone time reports of an alleged rift between Affleck and Lopez popped up following the actor’s closeness with Garner.


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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's first wedding anniversary
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s Alleged Adamancy to Go on a Double Date Didn’t Sit Well With Jennifer Lopez

A few months ago, alleged tension between Jennifer Lopez and Affleck broke out after an Insider claimed Affleck’s adamancy to go on a double date with Garner and her partner didn’t sit well with Lopez. The Insider told Closer Magazine:

“Ben gets on great with John and has suggested couples’ date nights to him and Jen, which they are both down with. But J-Lo turns it down flat every time. “She’s told him it’s bizarre and offensive that he keeps pushing the idea when she finds it so uncomfortable.”

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Despite the rumors surrounding the duo’s marriage, there hasn’t been any substantial weight behind these claims and nothing regarding the situation can be said for certain.

Source: OK Magazine, Closer Magazine

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