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“He’s my boy. I love him to pieces”: Sally Field Openly Calling ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Co-Star Andrew Garfield Her Precious Little Boy Proves They Were the Perfect Aunt May-Peter Parker Duo

"He's my boy. I love him to pieces": Sally Field Openly Calling 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Co-Star Andrew Garfield Her Precious Little Boy Proves They Were the Perfect Aunt May-Peter Parker Duo

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man movies weren’t as successful as those of Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland’s. However, in recent days, the actor’s portrayal of the superhero has been receiving a ton of love from all. Obviously, when we talk about The Amazing Spider-Man movies, Andrew Garfield is the first to pop into our thoughts. But there was always an underrated character played by an extremely talented actress right in front of our eyes – Sally Field’s Aunt May.

Andrew Garfield and Sally Field as Peter Parker and Aunt May
Andrew Garfield and Sally Field as Peter Parker and Aunt May

In an opinion that might be shared by a lot of people, Aunt May and Peter Parker are one of the most adorable duos in the entertainment industry. While there are quite a few iterations of the aunt-nephew pair, Sally Field’s portrayal of the character brought reality and depth to Aunt May which was different from others. Sally Field has time and again made us fall in love with her acting and when she received a lifetime achievement award, we couldn’t be happier, especially since her bond with Andrew Garfield was quite visible!

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Sally Field Calls Andrew Garfield her Boy

Andrew Garfield and Sally Field at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2023
Andrew Garfield and Sally Field at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2023

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards 2023 honored Sally Field with a lifetime achievement award on Sunday for all the work she has done in the entertainment industry. With the way she brings characters to life with her talent, she truly deserves the recognition she just received. Before the aw-worthy moments could even begin, Field took us down a road of nostalgia when she talked to The Hollywood Reporter prior to receiving the award.

When asked how she feels to have Andrew Garfield there, as he was going to be the one to give Field her award, she replied, “Well I love him. I think he’s here too. I mean he’s my boy. I love him to pieces.”

With what Field said, it’s almost as if we are having a bit of déjà vu! Back in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, when Peter was adamant to know about his father, his Aunt May had a bit of a breakdown. She tells Peter, “You’re my boy! As far as I am concerned, you’re my boy!” It’s good to know that the on-screen bond shared between the two is still alive off-screen, even after all these years. Garfield and Field’s aunt-nephew duo will always be close to our hearts!

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Andrew Garfield has nothing but Praise for Sally Field

Andrew Garfield and Sally Field
Andrew Garfield and Sally Field

Just like the cherry on top of a cake, Garfield presented Field with her SAG Lifetime Achievement award. However, before handing over the award to the Mrs. Doubtfire actress, Garfield had a lot to say about her. Not only did he talk about her brilliance and her talent, but he also addressed her on a more personal level. He stated that during his Spider-Man days, any intimidation he had of being opposite an actress of her caliber would simply vanish when he looked into Field’s eyes. In the end, he praised her for achieving such heights in her career without ever losing her humility.

“I got to play Peter Parker to Sally’s Aunt May, and any intimidation I may have felt from playing opposite titan of acting, evaporated the moment my eyes found hers. Her generosity, her sensitivity, her imagination, and her playfulness have seemed to have kept her striving in the pursuit of that ineffable mystery at the heart of every character she plays. The truth, nobility, the beauty, and dignity of the human soul; you’re a North Star for all of us, and especially, of course, in inspiring, liberating, and empowering women — charting a previously pathless path in an era of often unimaginative and one-dimensional female roles. Sally was Gidget, independent, and then she was maybe the first true female superhero. The Flying Nun. She plays a nun that flies, and it’s because of the hat she’s wearing and her slight frame — she catches the wind, and she makes the miraculous believable. It’s ridiculous. You inspire us to believe that a huge creative life of richness, depth, humor, joy, pathos, and mystery is possible, and you also show us how to do it…somehow miraculously, with humility. You never drink the Kool-Aid of your own brilliance; you never get high on your own supply. But tonight, we’re going to try to make you.” Your mother’s fav and mine — Miss Sally Fields.”

It’s truly heart-warming to see the love between two co-actors going strong even after all these years. Looking at the way Garfield talks about Field and vice versa, our admiration for the two just keeps growing and growing!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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