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“He’s never complained about an exercise”: Dwayne Johnson’s Trainer Reveals He Abandons His Cheat Meals Before Shirtless Scenes

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Dwayne Johnson is no less than the self-proclaimed Greek demigod when it comes to conviction. The story behind the former WWE legend’s perfect body in movies like Hercules and Rampage is nothing but motivational. But again, the fitness coach behind Johnson’s jaw-dropping physique, Dave Rienzi, deserves as much credit as the man himself. During an interview, Rienzi revealed how Johnson abandons his personal-favorite cheat meals before a shirtless scene.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

The Reason Behind Abandoning Cheat Meals Before A Shirtless Scene

Dwayne Johnson‘s dedicated fitness coach, Dave Rienzi, who also trains Henry Cavill, revealed in an interview last year that during the filming of Black Adam, the actor had to inculcate speed, strength, stamina, and power, all at the same time, for his superhuman character.

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Reinzi, who has worked with Johnson for over a decade, also opened up that Johnson abandoned his “don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself” cheat meals before a shirtless scene because the body doesn’t require excess sodium, also expressing that Dwayne Johnson never complained about an exercise.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson was too slim during his teen days

Dave Reinzi explained:

“There are cheat meals, once or twice a week. The big cheat meal is typically on a Sunday. Another might happen if he’s had a busy week or is tired. Of course, when we’re leaning out or preparing for a shirtless scene there are no cheat meals a couple weeks beforehand, as we don’t want the excess sodium.

But those meals do sometimes have functions too, to restore glycogen levels, but also as a nice mental break. Sometimes you need that reward at the end of the week when you’re training and eating like Dwayne Johnson.”

The former WWE legend is known for an unimaginable fitness regime. The Rock does one hour of cardio before pumping iron. The actor’s body measurements are as startling as his signature move, People’s Elbow. Johnson’s chest is 50 inches long, his waist 35 inches, his biceps 20 inches, and his thighs 31 inches.

A Sneak Peak Into Dwayne Johnson’s Cheat Meal

Dwayne Johnson loves to eat as much as he loves to maintain his perfect physique. The 10-time world champion shared his Sunday cheat meal with his 378 million followers in an Instagram post last week. Johnson captioned the post:


“Just trying to enjoy my Sunday cheat meal breakfast and I got one looking at me with his Frenchie face that says, “hey a**h**e, how long am I gonna stand here before you break me off a piece of that turkey bacon?”

And the other one’s face that says, “hey champ, you know there’s literally no one in this world who loves you more than me, so hook your boy up with some of those liquid chickens.”

Dwayne Johnson loves his cheat meals
Dwayne Johnson loves his cheat meals

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Some of his other personal-favorite cheat meals were shared with a caption: “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself,” and included coconut banana pancakes, a dozen eggs, one homemade biscuit, and two English muffins. It’s fair to say that Johnson’s cheat meals are one’s healthy meals.

Other Hollywood hunks like Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth also undergo a strict routine before filming shirtless scenes. For instance, Marvel’s Thor does a dehydration routine before flaunting his perfect abs, which includes upping the water intake during the lead-up to filming, to having no water for a day and a half before call time. This helps the muscles look denser and harder.

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