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“He’s not settling down”: Top Gun: Maverick Director Reveals Plans for Top Gun 3 Despite Tom Cruise Advancing Beyond 60

“He’s not settling down”: Top Gun: Maverick Director Reveals Plans for Top Gun 3 Despite Tom Cruise Advancing Beyond 60

As far as Jerry Bruckheimer’s career is concerned, he has to be one of the most versatile and successful producers in the filmmaking business. From open sea piracy to the US Navy fighter jets, everything seems to come under his purview in Hollywood. But as beloved as Top Gun: Maverick has been, according to the mega-producer, the industry will not wait another 3 decades to see a Top Gun 3 being made.

On the other hand, the sequel’s director, Joseph Kosinski seems very upbeat about the idea of a threequel being made. To him, the sky has quite literally become the limit, and even though Tom Cruise is visibly 60, with signs of weariness settling in, that is hardly a reason to slow down.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

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Joseph Kosinski Gives Promising Update on Top Gun 3

The Top Gun: Maverick director is merely an arm’s length away from launching the pre-production of Top Gun 3 the moment he is given the nod by the studio. The only hitch in the plan: the story of Top Gun is not governed by a studio or its producer but by the actor who made the films what they are today. Tom Cruise’s expertise behind the cockpit and his devotion behind the scenes to make Maverick an authentic experience is a necessary stepping stone to get to the next phase of the journey. 

Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski
Joseph Kosinski

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However, Joseph Kosinski has shown a promising future as far as Top Gun 3 is concerned, stating:

“Is there another story that is compelling enough that we need to go back? It seems to me at the end of this film that Maverick has some gas left in the tank. He’s not settling down.”

But Maverick’s story is inherently tied to Tom Cruise and a recast would just be the highest insult to everyone who has worked hard to bring the vision to the screens. Considering how Cruise is already 60 and the sequel to Top Gun: Maverick has not even been green-lit yet, it seems like an unlikely, if not an entirely impossible dream.

Jerry Bruckheimer Basks in the Glory of Top Gun: Maverick

For those who were involved with the production of Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel was a fascinating journey and a thrilling flight to the farthest reaches of filmography not yet explored. Tom Cruise’s return after 36 years to the screen served not only as an exhilarating continuation of the journey that began almost 4 decades ago but simultaneously brought back the theatre industry to life along with it. For Bruckheimer, that is a cause for celebration. In an interview with Variety, when asked about the possibility of a threequel, the producer revealed:

“We’re just enjoying this one. I have no idea. It took 35 years to make Top Gun: Maverick. I’m not going to be around another 35 years.”

Tom Cruise, Joseph Kosinski, and Jerry Bruckheimer on the sets of Top Gun- Maverick
Tom Cruise, Joseph Kosinski, and Jerry Bruckheimer on the sets of Top Gun 2

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Hypothetically, if there were to be a Top Gun 3, the most sensible choice would be to move forward with the next generation of aviators, revolve the story around Rooster and Hangman, and play around with the idea of a potential spin-off involving Phoenix. Beyond that, a continuation of the existing story essentially is a project in limbo with none among the party willing to mess with a perfect ending to a story that began with Tony Scott.

Top Gun: Maverick can now be streamed on Paramount+

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