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“He’s now dating a teenager, literally a teenager”: Megyn Kelly’s Viral Rant after Rumors of Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Dating a 19 Year Old Model

"He's now dating a teenager, literally a teenager": Megyn Kelly's Viral Rant after Rumors of Leonardo DiCaprio Allegedly Dating a 19 Year Old Model

Megyn Kelly is a well-known American journalist and media personality. Kelly was a talk show host at Fox News and a former correspondent for NBC News. Kelly currently hosts her own podcast titled, The Megyn Kelly Show. In a recent episode of her show, Kelly had something to share about Leonardo DiCaprio’s new 19-year-old girlfriend. Dicaprio is constantly shocking the public by every time dating someone way younger than him and now he has allegedly reached all the way down to a teenager. This very rumor seems to have grabbed the former NBC News host’s attention who bashed the Titanic star openly.

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Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly

Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Rumored Girlfriend

Romeo + Juliet star ever since his breakup with model-actress Camila Morrone has been rumored to be with several young girls with the majority being under 25. DiCaprio is now allegedly linked with a 19-year-old Israeli model, Eden Polani, with whom he was seen getting cozy during viral photographs where both of them can be seen sitting close to each other. Though as per the reports from insiders, the two of them are not dating and happened to just sit next to each other while enjoying each other’s company. But if they both are dating then they have an age gap of 29 years as Polani is just 19 years old while DiCaprio is 48 years old.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Viral Pics with Eden Polani
Leonardo DiCaprio Viral Pics with Eden Polani

Megyn Kelly On Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Girlfriend

Megyn Kelly looked pretty upset with the Titanic star’s allegedly growing fetish to only date younger women. In the past also DiCaprio has been associated with several younger women and has been criticized by the public for the same. The podcast’s host advised The Wolf of Wall Street superstar to reduce partying as his “bloated” face is making it way obvious to the public. Kelly continued criticizing DiCaprio for only dating young girls.

“Leonardo DiCaprio who is now 48 years old. He looks almost as bad as Madonna. He is bloated — you could tell this guy partied a little bit too much, a big bloated look…step away from the booze. He is now dating a teenager, literally a teenager, she is nineteen. He’s in the news every week for how he won’t date anybody past age 25. If he does, it makes news. And now he’s actually gone down to a teenager.” 

Kelly even added that his new rumored girlfriend can literally be the same age as his daughter. And the Catch Me If You Can star a history of dating young models came as no surprise to her yet dating a teen is something that took Kelly by surprise. 

“She could literally be his daughter. She’s gorgeous. Okay, great. She’s a model, of course. They all are. I feel like this guy from the rate of things is never going to know the joy of meeting somebody who he can fall in deep love with and build a family with. He’s just going to keep banging teenagers for the rest of his life. It doesn’t strike me as something to emulate.”

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Megyn Kelly on Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend
Megyn Kelly on Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend

Megyn Kelly surely attracted lots of internet attention through her unfiltered comments on DiCaprio’s new relationship yet many agree with her pretty factual words. It is still unclear if DiCaprio is dating Polani, but it looks like the duo is not well-received by the public. Megyn Kelly’s podcast The Eden PolaniMegyn Kelly Show can be watched daily through SiriusXM.

Source: The Megyn Kelly Show

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