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‘He’s perfect for Tim Drake’: Cobra Kai Star Tanner Buchanan Reportedly in Talks With DC for Batman Movie ‘The Brave and the Bold’

'He’s perfect for Tim Drake': Cobra Kai Star Tanner Buchanan Reportedly in Talks With DC for Batman Movie 'The Brave and the Bold'

Batman lore’s sidekick superhero, Tim Drake, is among the multitudes of characters now finding refuge in the new DC universe. A character growing into and honing his skills under the overpowering shadow of his mentor, the Caped Crusader, Tim Drake is an essential aspect that makes up for most of the progressive and level-headed act in the Batman comics.

The Dark Knight comics being infamous for its volatile brutality and heroes and villains leveling blocks of Gotham City in their hot-headed race to victory, perhaps the first and the only exhale of relief came to the fandom when the third Robin gained a foothold in the universe.

Tim Drake
Tim Drake

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Tanner Buchanan Being Eyed For the Role of Tim Drake

To say that Drake is the best and smartest among all the Robins would be an understatement. Embodying the most honorable aspects and all the classical traits required of a superhero and gifted with a mind as equally intelligent, adaptive, and shrewd, Tim Drake’s abilities have managed to not only surpass those of his predecessors – Dick Grayson and Jason Todd – but often prove parallel to those of Batman himself (he figured out the real identities of Batman and Robin by age 9 and is the only one who apprehended the Joker in the DC canon apart from Batman).

Tanner Buchanan
Tanner Buchanan

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Introduced in an August 1989 issue of Batman #436, the third Robin would go on to take on the sidekick mantle with a true vision for what his suit meant, the magnitude of his role, devoted diligence and respect for his mentor, and a calm and collected level-headedness unlike any that came before him.

Considering how Damien Wayne in the comics succeeds Tim Drake directly to take up his place beside Batman, the introduction of the young Wayne also directs the narrative in The Brave and the Bold toward the events that led to his succession of Tim Drake. As such, the latter and his independent identity as Red Robin also find in itself a plot to be played out in the unfolding narrative. When it comes to the cast, however, Cobra Kai star Tanner Buchanan has already pitched himself for the role of Tim Drake during an appearance on Variety‘s podcast, Just for Variety.

While arguments also exist for Tanner Buchanan being suited for other roles, The Brave and the Bold foreshadows Tim Drake at the end of his term as Batman’s sidekick. As such, the film that is slated for some time beyond 2025 will feature a perfectly aged Red Robin and could perhaps even go on to play a significant part in the broader DC continuity in the future. It is also interesting to note that Buchanan has played numerous gay roles in mainstream media which has struck a chord within the fandom in his favor to portray the celebrated bisexual superhero.

A New Batfamily Introduced in DCU’s The Brave and the Bold

The new DC cinematic universe, which is nothing short of unique, now has an inevitable Batman saga. Not being an origin story, the project titled The Brave and the Bold looks to introduce the murderous Boy Wonder aka Bruce Wayne’s son Damien Wayne into the narrative. As such, Batman will have already had several years of crime fighting under his belt and three Robins as his sidekick.

Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin

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The Brave and the Bold which constitutes one part of DC continuity’s Chapter 1 titled Gods and Monsters will set up a Dark Knight well into his 30s, well-refined, at the peak of his superheroic vigilantism, and now getting to know his son (who he was not aware of until now) – Damien Wayne. Born of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul (daughter of world conqueror Ra’s al Ghul), the young legacy superhero, as per James Gunn’s own words, “is a little son of a bi**h.”

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