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“He’s really childish”: Ryan Reynolds Defended His Most Famous Role to Date, Claimed His MCU Character is “Nasty”

Ryan Reynolds Defended His Most Famous Role to Date, Claimed His MCU Character is “Nasty”

Ryan Reynolds is well-known for his diverse range of acting roles, but perhaps none is as memorable as his portrayal of Deadpool – the witty, red-suited mercenary. However, in 2021, Reynolds brought a new character to life in Free Guy – a cheerful and optimistic individual named Guy.

Reynolds’ exceptional talent to switch seamlessly between portraying a rude anti-hero and a charming protagonist is undeniably a testament to his acting abilities. During an interview with USA Today, Reynolds expressed his views on these legendary roles, offering fans an intriguing comparison.

Ryan Reynolds Calls Deadpool “Childish”

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

It’s amazing to think that the actor who won us over as the main character in National Lampoon’s Van Wilder back in 2002 would go on to become the beloved, rebellious anti-hero in a red suit that we know today as Deadpool.

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While some may see Reynolds’ performance as Deadpool as a turning point in his career, his achievements were built on a series of roles showcasing his outstanding comedic timing and talent for expressing genuine emotions.

While his on-screen presence was captivating, his off-screen demeanor truly won over Hollywood fans. Through interviews and social media, actor Ryan Reynolds exhibited a jovial nature and impeccable comic timing, solidifying his status as a beloved prankster.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Despite Deadpool’s reputation for being sarcastic and humorous, Reynolds offered a new perspective in an interview with USA Today. The actor believes the character is not just cynical but also childlike and inclined towards the darker aspects of life.

“Actually, Deadpool, I wouldn’t say, is a really cynical character. He’s also really childish. He just tends more toward the nasty end of the spectrum than Guy.”

Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, became a cultural phenomenon. However, with the release of Free Guy, Reynolds introduced audiences to a character who appeared to be the complete opposite of Deadpool – an innocent, naive, and incredibly likable AI named Guy.

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Guy: The Unassuming Hero of Free Guy

Free Guy
Free Guy

Meet Guy, a Free Guy character is the complete opposite of Deadpool. Although he’s meant to blend into the background, Guy defies his programming and becomes an unexpected hero. Actor Ryan Reynolds loves this character and Hollywood’s new direction with roles like his.

In the same interview with USA Today, Reynolds notes that shows like Ted Lasso are shifting away from the cynical protagonist we used to see so often.

“I bring a lot of myself to that; I enjoy playing a character who sees the world through the eyes of innocence and optimism. In any case, I believe we’re headed in that direction for our characters these days. Looking at programs like ‘Ted Lasso,’ we’re not embracing that type of cynical protagonist as much as we used to.”

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What makes Guy so appealing is his pure-hearted nature and innocent view of the world, which contrasts Deadpool’s chaotic charm and showcases Reynolds’ acting range. Ryan Reynolds’ roles have consistently blurred the boundaries between fiction and reality, making his characters relatable.

Source: USA Today


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