“He’s the best scared actor in the world”: Tom Cruise Left His Co-star Stunned After Proving No One Could Top Him Even At His Worst

Tom Cruise dazzled his co-star with his acting prowess by showing no one is better than him.

“He’s the best scared actor in the world”: Tom Cruise Left His Co-star Stunned After Proving No One Could Top Him Even At His Worst


  • Tom Cruise has done a lot in his career, which includes his iconic roles in films such as Mission: Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow and more.
  • Cruise left his co-star baffled after displaying incredible acting skills for a movie.
  • There is also a chance Edge of Tomorrow 2 will happen in the future.
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Tom Cruise is celebrated as an iconic actor in Hollywood, primarily recognized for leading the highly successful Mission: Impossible franchise. However, his illustrious career encompasses more than just this blockbuster series.

Tom Cruise hanging for dear life in Mission Impossible
Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible movie

It is also a telling sign that everyone who works with him has nothing but praise for him as well. In fact, he left his co-star shocked after proving no one can better him, even when he is at his absolute worst. In this case, that took place while he was filming Edge of Tomorrow with Emily Blunt.

Tom Cruise Left His Co-Star In Awe After Proving His Acting Skills

Tom Cruise begin a villain in Collateral
Tom Cruise in Collateral

Tom Cruise has excelled in numerous roles over the years, but there are just a handful of movies which are synonymous with him. One of them is undoubtedly Edge of Tomorrow, based on the popular Manga All You Need Is Kill.


While speaking in a new interview with Josh Horowitz, Emily Blunt revealed that she was simply left in awe at how terrific Tom Cruise portrayed his role of Cage in the film. She even called him the best scared actor in the world.

‘Cowardly, lying Tom Cruise is the best, he’s the best scared actor in the world. He’s so good. Tom in that role, there’s nothing heroic about that part and yet actually he becomes so heroic because of his vulnerability in it.”

Edge of Tomorrow will forever be remembered for revitalizing Tom Cruise’s career and proving how an unexpected sci-fi hit could lead to a change in the whole genre. Nonetheless, Emily Blunt loved working with Tom Cruise and that is what matters in the end.

Tom Cruises’ Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Could Become A Reality

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge Of Tomorrow
A scene from Edge Of Tomorrow

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Cruise remains a prominent international movie star, and industry insiders believe he has another decade or two as a leading figure in the film industry. Despite his age, Cruise seems determined to continue taking on physically demanding roles.


He’s probably got another 10 or 20 years, maybe not hanging off buildings, but as a movie star.”

While his new deal with Warner Bros. includes a greenlight for an unspecified project, sources suggest it could be a thriller or action movie, indicating Cruise’s interest in launching another major franchise.

There are aspirations to bring Tom Cruise back for a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, which is already in development. Christopher McQuarrie, Cruise’s writer, mentioned in 2014 that the actor had an idea for a prequel. Director Doug Liman also expressed that it would surpass the original.

Despite the new deal with Warner Bros., there won’t be any immediate projects, as Cruise is dedicated to working on the latest Mission: Impossible installment until May 2025.


Despite the uncertainty surrounding the specifics of the deal, Warner Bros. aims to bring top-tier talent like Cruise, aligning with CEO David Zaslav’s vision to restore the studio to its historic glory. While the details remain unclear, Warner Bros. bosses express hope for an Edge Of Tomorrow 2, leaving it to be seen if it will become a reality.


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