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“He’s too old”: Fans Want Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 6 Co-Star to Replace Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider after MCU Reboot Rumors Surface

Fans Want Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator 6 Co-Star to Replace Nic Cage's Ghost Rider after MCU Reboot Rumors Surface

As Marvel moves ahead with introducing more characters to the MCU, fans are also looking forward to seeing some of their favorite characters in the superhero universe. Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider has also been one such character. The actor is reportedly looking forward to reprising his character after his two solo Ghost Rider films. And recent rumors suggest that he could possibly reprise his role with his MCU debut in the upcoming Avengers movie.

Nicolas Cage As Ghost Rider
Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider

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Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider Expected to Join the MCU

Mark Steven Johnson’s 2007 film introduced Nicolas Cage as the stuntman Johnny Blaze, who sells his soul to become a bounty hunter of evil demons, making him the Ghost Rider. Despite negative reviews at the time of its release, the film was a box office hit and also landed a sequel, which was released in 2012.

Ghost Rider (2007) Nic Cage
Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze

Amidst a few updates about a threequel over the years, recent reports have claimed that a new Ghost Rider movie has been in development until the writer and actor strike. It is also claimed that its production would resume as soon as the strike is over.

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While the rumors do not mention anything about Cage’s return, he is expected to reprise his character in the MCU. New rumors have suggested that the Arsenal actor could not only reprise his Marvel character but would also be making his MCU debut in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Ghost Rider (2007)
Ghost Rider (2007)

While fans of Cage’s 2007 film series are excited about his return, there is also a group of fans who claim that the Kill Chain star is “too old” to play the character anymore, as they suggested who would be more suitable to be the bounty hunter of the MCU.

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Who do Fans Want to See as Ghost Rider in the MCU?

Amid rumors about Nicolas Cage’s potential return as Ghost Rider along with his MCU debut, many have claimed that they do not want the actor to reprise his character in the cinematic universe. Fans took to Twitter to share their opinion about who would be better to star as the bounty hunter in the MCU.

Gabriel Luna
Gabriel Luna in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And fans seem to have developed a liking for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actor Gabriel Luna, who also played the character in the Marvel TV series. With the recent updates surrounding the character, many Marvel fans are claiming that he should be the one to join the Avengers on Earth 616.

Luna is also known for starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 6 and his recently released Netflix feature, FUBAR. While some shared that they would be happy to see either actor reprising their roles, others claimed that Cage is “too old” for the role as he is almost 60 years old and they would prefer having Lunaw Robbie Reyes instead.


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