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‘He’s too old for this’: DC Fans Divided Over Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan for a Green Lantern Cameo in Man of Steel 2

Man Of Steel and Green Lantern

It’s time to prepare for DC’s Green Lantern film, which might star Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan. Fans may still find it difficult to believe that Warner Bros. is pushing forward with any Green Lantern movie adaptation, let alone the projected Green Lantern Corps crew and a possible cameo in Man Of Steel 2.

Tom Cruise as Green Lantern - Fanmade poster
Tom Cruise as Green Lantern – Fanmade poster

Despite expressing disinterest in directing a superhero film earlier this month, Mission: Impossible – Fallout writer/director Christopher McQuarrie seems to have warmed to the notion, given a decent story is in place. McQuarrie, who helmed Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill in the upcoming sixth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, is said to be taking over as director for Cavill’s second solo excursion as Superman in Man of Steel 2.

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Tom Cruise as Green Lantern in Man of Steel 2

Recently it was reported that Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie was being considered by Warner Bros. to direct Green Lantern Corps. Another site instantly reported that the information was several months old, and fans rapidly began to consider McQuarrie as a possible option for Man of Steel 2. The little occurrence did appear to spark an idea in many people: “How about Tom Cruise as an older Hal Jordan?”

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones thinking so, as a fresh report has surfaced claiming that Tom Cruise was once in talks to play the senior Green Lantern in Green Lantern Corps, but with one condition. According to the source, Jordan was supposed to die in the script, and Cruise refused to take the role until that was changed.

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It’s been a rumor for a few days now that Man Of Steel 2 is in its early productions under DCEU with the Mission Impossible: Fallout director one of the prime choices by WBD to direct the film. It’s a speculation that Tom Cruise might cameo as Hal Jordan in Man of Steel 2.

Fans are against an older version of Green Lantern

Fans have mixed feelings about this casting, considering that Cruise is already 60, he won’t be in the job for long. That wouldn’t be a problem if the aim was to kill Jordan off, but it wouldn’t be if WB wanted to keep the character around to explore many of the comic-book tales. Fans have reacted adversely to this news on Twitter.


Green Lantern HBO Max
Green Lantern Corps

Honestly, the concept seems great. Regardless of who directs Green Lantern Corps, the tremendous success of Fallout has thrust Cruise back into the spotlight, and he will almost certainly be sought after by many studios for other projects. The Mummy actor would be a great cast if they intend to make him a mentor to John Stewart.

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Tom Cruise’s full spectrum of abilities might be utilized as Green Lantern, which would also introduce a framework to the superhero genre that hasn’t yet been explored and give WBD a boost in their revenue as well.

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