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“He’s up there trying to process”: Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Leaving MCU Left Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury Shocked

“He’s up there trying to process”: Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Leaving MCU Left Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury Shocked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is among the most financially effective film franchise ever. Many heroes and antagonists have come and gone over the years, and fans have grown attached to each one. However, the joy fans feel when they encounter these figures also comes with the sadness they feel when they pass on.

Robert Downey Jr.’s departure as Iron Man from the MCU was one such event that had a profound effect. Nick Fury is still grieving over Iron Man’s demise in the upcoming Disney+ series, Secret Invasion.

Samuel L. Jackson Talks Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Samuel L. Jackson discussed Nick Fury’s emotional state in the upcoming Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, saying that his character is still grieving the loss of his friends, particularly Iron Man/Tony Stark.

“Even Nick Fury can be shaken, you know? He’s up there trying to process what the f*ck happened, you know? And what his place in the world is.The death of Iron Man, the death of Black Widow, with that stuff going on he just kind of checked out.”

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Nick Fury’s struggle to accept Iron Man’s demise is understandable. Iron Man was pivotal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was one of the first Avengers. His departure from the series hit hard with viewers all over the globe. A major plot point in the Secret Invasion sequels is how Fury’s character develops after Iron Man’s demise.

The Importance of Nick Fury’s Eyepatch

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Nick Fury is easily recognizable, thanks to his eyepatch. However, the Agents of SHIELD series fans may recall seeing him without it in one episode. In the same interview with Vanity Fair, Samuel L. Jackson admitted that the eyepatch was “part of who the strong Nick Fury was” and that its removal was “part of his vulnerability now.”

“He just doesn’t wear the patch. The patch is part of who the strong Nick Fury was. It’s part of his vulnerability now. You can look at it and see he’s not this perfectly indestructible person. He doesn’t feel like that guy.”

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In the new series, viewers will see a new side of Fury—his frailty and death. Nick Fury’s mental state may have shifted since the events of Avengers: Endgame. And this redesign provides an excellent chance for Samuel L. Jackson to explore new dimensions of the character.

Nick Fury
Nick Fury

A major crossover episode in the MCU, the Secret Invasion series, has been announced. It’s been said that this MCU Disney+ endeavor will be darker and more realistic than anything else. The show will also provide a deeper glimpse into the characters’ lives and explore previously unseen facets of their personalities.

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The evolution of Nick Fury’s character is emblematic of the MCU’s new approach. The bright hues and invitations to join the Avengers Initiative from Samuel L. Jackson’s earlier Fury performances have faded away. A more nuanced tale about a hero who feels he has lost his place in the world after the death of several companions takes its place.

Secret Invasion will be available to stream on Disney+ on June 21, 2023.

Source: Vanity Fair

Written by Mabel Andrady

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