After Hideo Kojima Himself Gave Approval To the Fan Casting, BossLogic’s Latest Edit Imagines What a Metal Gear Solid Movie Would Look Like With Furiosa’s Tom Burke Playing Solid Snake

Could the Metal Gear Solid fan-casting art catch the eye of Hideo Kojima?

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  • Hideo Kojima has praised one piece of fan-casting for a Metal Gear Solid movie, and now there's artwork to back it up.
  • While there is little news about the movie, the legacy of the game franchise remains as popular as ever amongst fans.
  • Director George Miller heaped praise on Kojima, stating that he would want him to take on the game adaptation of his latest movie.
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While we are still some time away from a Metal Gear Solid Movie, it hasn’t dampened the spirits of fans who are still eager to see the popular franchise adapted to the big screen. With the recent release of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, there has been talk of Director George Miller wanting Hideo Kojima to take on the game for this title.


Kojima is an innovative thinker and the Metal Gear franchise is regarded by many as his crowning glory. First released in 1998 for the PlayStation 1, it saw huge acclaim and numerous awards. The action-adventure stealth perspective of the game drew a legion of fans who have followed the franchise through its various sequels.

Metal Gear Solid Movie – A Solid Fan Casting Choice?

A Metal Gear Solid movie might finally be a possibility.
A Metal Gear Solid movie might finally be a possibility.

Whilst the casting of Solid Snake does appear to have been confirmed in the form of Oscar Isaac, a chameleon in terms of roles in Hollywood, this doesn’t stop many from adapting who they would like to see in the role. This was evident in a recent post on Social Media site X.


With the release of the latest entry to the Mad Max franchise, many people will no doubt be familiar with actor Tom Burke and his role as Praetorian Jack. This led one person to post artwork of the fan casting of the actor in the titular role for the Metal Gear movie, which he made sure to tag Kojima in the hopes that he would see this and approve.

The original post has been viewed nearly 200 thousand times and the comments on the post have been full of praise for the adaptation and the hopes that Kojima himself would see this and heap praise on the artwork.


Hideo Kojima To Take On A Mad Max Game?

Could we see Kojima take on another franchise?
Could we see Kojima take on another franchise?

The Metal Gear franchise has seen huge success and it was reported that as of February 2024, over 61 million copies had been sold. In a financial sense, this means that the series has grossed several billion dollars since it first launched and its creator, Hideo Kojima, holds a legacy like few others.

Such is his legacy that Furiosa director George Miller would trust him implicitly to take on a video game of the franchise. It is certainly high praise and who is to say that it isn’t something that Kojima would consider in the future? There is such mutual respect between the two that many fans of the Mad Max franchise would hope that this comes to fruition.

Whilst many fans are still waiting for the latest news on Kojima’s masterpiece being brought to the big screen, it hasn’t stopped them from developing fan art and proposing various roles to be filled. What is clear is that this franchise remains one of the most popular in the gaming world and shows no sign of dissipating.


What do you think about the latest news for the Metal Gear Solid Movie? Do you agree with the fan casting choice? Get in touch, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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