“I do feel apologetic toward anyone who feels…”: Hidetaka Miyazaki, Elden Ring and Dark Souls Genius has Empathy for Players Who Struggle with his Game’s Infamous Difficulty

FromSoftware CEO comments on Elden Rings difficulty, and states it is a part of the company's identity.

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  • FromSoftware CEO, Hidetaka Miyazaki, acknowledges that his games are hard, but that’s not going to change anything.
  • Miyazaki specifically discusses Elden Ring's difficulty and how it has impacted gamers.
  • Players would feel betrayed if FromSoftware changed its attitude towards its game difficulty.
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It has been nearly 2 years since FromSoftware’s Elden Ring was released, and gamers were eager to get their hands on a brand-new Souls-like experience. Since the game’s launch, millions of players have tackled the challenge, as they eliminate each boss and expand their skills until they encounter the next.


However, not all players have had such an easy time completing Elden Ring. It is a common thought process within FromSoftware that each game shouldn’t be so easy, or so hard that the average player cannot beat it. This brings forward the main methodology of FromSoftware, which focuses on the hardships players must overcome to beat the challenges set before them.

Why the CEO of FromSoftware Is Empathetic Over the Difficulty of Elden Ring

FromSoftware CEO Hidetaka Miyazaki discusses Elden Ring's difficulty and how it has impacted gamers.
Miyazaki explains the reasoning for why games like Elden Ring are meant to be difficult.

Recently, during an interview with The New Yorker, the CEO of FromSoftware, Hidetaka Miyazaki, spoke in length about Elden Ring and its difficulty. Even though the game has been designed to be difficult, it isn’t too bad, especially for those who already have experience with Souls-like titles.


However, for gamers who may not be fans of Souls-like games, this would be a completely new experience that would be a perfect start if you are looking to enter the community. Since the game’s release, there have been many players who decided to play Elden Ring as their first Souls-like experience, and even then, it was still difficult.

Since many are still struggling with this experience, Hidetaka Miyazaki has spoken about why the title is designed the way it is, and the fact that the developers aren’t going to change their way of making games. It is a part of the company’s identity, and not just the dev team choosing to be difficult for the sake of it.

In the interview, Miyazaki mentions that he feels apologetic towards anyone who has struggled throughout Elden Ring and other Souls-like games FromSoftware has created. The reason these titles are as difficult as they are, is because the studio is trying to give players a reason to fight through the struggle that is accompanied by loss.


Whether you die to a boss’s devastating attack or just fall off the edge of a cliff, the developers at FromSoftware are attempting to encourage players to push past the failure. This in itself is an achievement in its own right. The developers know this and want players to feel a sense of achievement from pushing past a difficult moment, which will hopefully be something gamers take into their real lives as well.

Will FromSoftware Begin to Change How It Develops Games?

FromSoftware CEO comments on Elden Rings difficulty and states it is a part of the company's identity.
FromSoftware has no plans to change the difficulty of its games, especially after the success of Elden Ring.

Over the years, players have been enjoying the multiple games that FromSoftware has created. No matter how hard these titles are, players always make their return as they enjoy the challenge that is put forward to them.

Since players appreciate the challenge, it is highly unlikely the developers will change their minds regarding the difficulty of the games. This is especially because the mentality FromSoftware and its CEO both share is working, and gamers enjoy the feeling of triumph.


During the interview with The New Yorker, Hidetaka Miyazaki did mention how the difficulty of these games is a part of the company’s identity, and for the studio to change that would most likely mean its downfall. Thousands of players would be very disappointed as they do enjoy the style and would feel it isn’t a true Souls-like game if there was no challenge.

Unfortunately, this means that many gamers will most likely miss out on the Souls-like experience, as those who do not enjoy this kind of gameplay still avoid these titles. However, gamers willing to attempt them are taking a big step forward, and will hopefully begin to appreciate the franchise’s difficulty, just like the rest of the community.

What do you think about this mentality from FromSoftare? Let us know in the comments!


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