Hierarchy of DC Universe Changes as The Rock’s Black Adam Gets Whopping $328M Box Office Projection, Expected to Break Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Entire Domestic Haul

Hierarchy of DC Universe Changes as The Rock's Black Adam Gets Whopping $328M Box Office Projection, Expected to Break Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Entire Domestic Haul
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It’s a new month and it’s a new opportunity for major movie studios to work on getting the best out of their upcoming movies that will be released this month. Black Adam is one of DC’s most highly anticipated projects that is planned to rock the box office, and Dwayne Johnson leading the movie is just another precursor to where it’s heading.


Black Adam has been the main focus of DC’s promo team for more than 2 months now, and the latest trailers are already showing us a glimpse of all the epic action and chilling storylines that we’ll be witnessing. But will the movie be a hit at the box office? Here are the projections.

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Black Adam Has A Massive $338M Box Office Projection

Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming superhero movie is actually based on a DC antihero. It will feature the titular character Black Adam (played by Johnson) who is freed from 5000 years of imprisonment into modern times as he gains the attention of the Justice Society of America.

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Scrap all that plot talk, let’s get to the real-world numbers here. Black Adam is surely a highly anticipated movie as it is the 11th addition to the DC Extended Universe, so how much is it projected to earn?

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According to a data report from Variety, the Dwayne Johnson-led superhero movie is going to have a breathtakingly impressive box office record, with estimates suggesting that the movie will be raking in $328 million! (sourced from The Numbers)

In comparison to other DCEU movies, Black Adam is slated to have earned double the amount that Shazam!  hauled in, which was $159.1 million, after its 2019 release.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, the movie is also expected to challenge the domestic earnings that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice got after its domestic release back in 2016- $330 million!


But it’s definitely no doubt that Dwayne Johnson has a reputation for the high box office earnings of his movies, most of them being blockbusters. And this very repute may push Johnson’s Black Adam to its very limits at the box office.

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Pierce Brosnan Breaks Down His Black Adam Character

Perhaps one of the most interesting casting choices from DC is here right now as they recruited legendary 007 star Pierce Brosnan into the upcoming Black Adam movie. Brosnan will play Doctor Fate, one of DC’s oldest characters.

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Brosnan as Doctor Fate

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Brosnan has also taken a liking to his character too it seems. During an interview with GQ, Brosnan broke down his Doctor Fate character-

“It’s a massive character. It’s never been portrayed on film before. It’s 40 years old in the making.

“Dr. Fate has the Helmet of Nabu, which is a curse and a blessing because he is shackled to the power of the helmet. It’s an addiction. It’s a curse. It all sounds a lot of frufru when you talk about it like that, but it’s stuff that you have to lend your heart to. If you go into the mythology of it, whether it be Doctor Fate or James Bond, you know.

It’s interesting to see that Brosnan took inspiration from the time he used to play the James Bond character back in the 90s and late 00s, maybe it’ll translate into one of the best superhero performances in the coming years?


Black Adam is set for a theatrical release on October 21, 2022.

Source: Variety


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