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High on Life DLC Details and Release Date Revealed

High on Life DLC Details and Release Date Revealed

Squanch Games, the studio behind the popular title High on Life, has exciting news for players. The team have revealed the release date and juicy details about the forthcoming DLC for the game, aptly named High on Knife. Gamers can mark their calendars for October 3, 2023, as this is when the DLC will launch. It will be accessible across various platforms, including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

High on Knife takes a twist as it explores the horror genre. Players are transported to an eerie world called Zephyr, where they encounter an alien species known as the Krubis. Leading this race is the bone chilling entity called the Garmantuous. To save the planet from disaster players must team up with their talking weapons adding an exhilarating element, to the gameplay experience.

 High on Life gets a spooky makeover!
High on Life gets a spooky makeover!

High on Life: High on Knife DLC Brings New Campaign, Weapons, Enemies, Bosses, and Planet

But that’s not all; High on Knife introduces a wealth of fresh content, including:

A Brand-New Campaign: Get ready, for a journey as the High on Knife adventure takes players to the planet Zephyr. On this planet they will need to team up with their sentient weapons to stop the Krubis and protect the planet from doom.

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New Weapons: new introduction of weapons such, as the Knifey and the Sawblade, which are designed to bring a level of excitement to your gaming sessions.

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Fresh Foes:  more challenging as it introduces a swarm of enemies, like the menacing Krubis and the formidable Garmantuous.

Formidable Bosses: Prepare to take on challenging bosses, including the Knifey Boss and the Sawblade Boss, for battles and exhilarating encounters.

Uncharted Terrain: Explore the intriguing landscapes of the previously uncharted planet Zephyr, with its mysteries waiting to be unveiled.

High on Life: Get ready for a wild ride!
High on Knife: Get ready for a wild ride!

New Characters: Encounter intriguing characters during your adventure like the Krubis and the formidable Garmantuous. These individuals are sure to leave a lasting impact on your journey.

Squanch Games has also unveiled a trailer for High on Knife offering players a sneak peek of the DLC. The trailer introduces some adversaries and formidable bosses that players will face while also showcasing the variety of weapons to them.

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High on Knife promises to be an expansion pack that will surely appeal to fans of High on Life. It features a thrilling campaign, an arsenal of weapons challenging enemies and bosses as well as the opportunity to explore a mysterious planet. If you’re a fan of the game you definitely won’t want to miss out on experiencing High on Knife when it launches into the gaming world on October 3rd, 2023. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating chapter in the High on Life universe!

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for High on Knife? Let us know in the comments!

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