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High On Life Review: Freakishly Hilarious (PC)

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High on Life is a game that is truly remarkable. As soon as you start playing, you’re immediately struck by how absurd this game is truly going to be, The main character, who is unnamed, is left at home alone with his sister when suddenly an alien portal appears outside of their house. The main character must then use a talking gun that he picked up from a dead alien to defend his home from the invasion, all while his new gun hilariously shouts all types of profanity.

High on Life
High on Life

High on Life is a hilarious and whimsical adventure that will undoubtedly have you laughing from beginning to end. As you go further along your quest, you’ll encounter all sorts of bizarre and hilarious situations.

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At one point, you’ll find yourself on a mission to find a talking knife to add to your arsenal. Along the way, you come in contact with a, frankly annoying alien child and are forced to kill him to progress. Your gun then makes a joke about how killing children in games is usually a no-go. When you finally get to the knife, you find out that he’s pretty much insane and literally begs to kill anything he sees.

Later on, you’ll find yourself having to enter a part of the world by traveling across a bottomless pit. As you can guess all doesn’t go as planned as the “Mac and Cheese Brothers” who are currently doing construction on the hole aren’t too happy about you trying to pass through. You are then given the option to just walk around them while they scream all the profanities that they can, or kill them, which will provide you with a shameful dialogue from your gun, telling you you could’ve just walked around.

High on Life – Freakishly Hilarious

High on Life
High on Life

But the real joy of the game comes from its very over-the-top humor and wacky character interactions. The guns, for example, are able to talk to various amounts of NPCs, making the world feel truly alive. And the game is filled with clever references and jokes that will keep you laughing through your adventure.

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Despite strongly relying on a humorous tone, the game is also surprisingly well-crafted. The controls are easy to get used to, and the levels are cleverly designed, offering a satisfying challenge without being too frustrating. And the graphics while not groundbreaking by any means, are colorful and vibrant, adding to the game’s overall charm.

In short, High on Life is a delightfully hilarious game that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Whether you’re a hardcore game or just looking to have fun, you won’t be disappointed.


9 Out of 10

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Written by Elijah Boxhill

Elijah Boxhill is a critic and author for Fandomwire. Elijah is also one of the hosts of the FandomWire comic book based podcast, Comic Book Saga. Twitter: @OpticalCinema TikTok: @OpticalCinema Instagram: @ElijahBoxhill