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Hildur Gudnadóttir Wins Best Original Score for Joker

The Golden Globes Awards Show was held last night and the award for the best original score was given to Hildur Gudnadóttir for her work on Joker.

Hildur’s win is historic as she is the first woman in nineteen years to win in the category of the best original score. In 2001, Liza Gerrard alongside Hanz Zimmer won for their work on Gladiator. Hildur’s win is even more historic since she is also the first woman to win the best original score by herself.

In her acceptance speech, she thanked many people such as her family, her agent and conductor Jeff Atmajian. However, her biggest thanks went out to the star of Joker himself, Joaquin Phoenix. 

The composer said, “Thank you, Joaquin, for making my job really easy with that spectacular, unbelievable performance.” This, of course, is also not surprising as Phoenix did win for his performance as Joker.

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When asked if the previous films inspired her to compose Joker’s score, Holder said, “I think the history of the character inspired me a lot and growing up with all these incredible performances of the character definitely inspired me but I wanted to make sure I didn’t get influenced by any of them. It’s always a little bit dangerous when you start referencing other work when digging into a character. I deliberately didn’t watch or listen to any other interpretations of it.”  

It is clear that Hildur’s score has resonated with both audiences and critics and hopefully, if she does return for the Joker sequel, her score will retain that incredibly high bar that was set in the first film.

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