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Hinomi X1 Ergonomic Chair Review – An Impressive Blend of Work/Life Balance

The Hinomi X1 provides functionality for all facets of life!

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When it comes to a long day at the office, jumping into an immersive video game, or simply relaxing to watch TV, the right chair can change everything. While the usual suspects that make these scenarios worse include: micromanagement, an impossible boss fight, and loading screens, an uncomfortable seat can also quickly change the vibe. Enter the Hinomi X1 Ergonomic Chair, one of the latest innovations from the company.

The Hinomi X1 has been strategically designed to blend aspects of work and life together. The idea is that you will no longer end a long day despising your office chair, when it provides so much comfort and functionality.

As someone who takes gaming very seriously, I was curious about what the Hinomi X1 had to offer for your average gamer. In the world of highly competitive seat selections, brands like Secretlab, Corsair, and Razer, fight over choice chair charm. Nevertheless, I have discovered the Hinomi X1 absolutely deserves a place among these contenders, especially when it comes to both performance and price.

The experience I have had with the Hinomi X1 has been largely positive, with a few exceptions I will mention below. As I discuss more about the chair and my thoughts on its gaming and home office potential, I find it necessary to express that the experience will always be suited to the individual. Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to comfort, and so while this is my subjective opinion of the product, it is intended to hopefully aid in your decision-making process.

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The Himomi X1 Is the Gold Standard For Optional Adjustments

The Hinomi X1 is for work and fun.
The Hinomi X1 is for work and fun.

When first receiving the Hinomi X1, it was a little daunting as I stared at the box that weighed more than 70 pounds. There’s always a chance when receiving a new product that the item will be in a thousand pieces and require a Ph.D. in complex chair building to assemble. Thankfully, Hinomi knows the limits of the average consumer, and includes simple, easy-to-read instructions, with very few pieces, and describes it all on the back of a large printout.

Once the chair was put together, it was time to sit and enjoy the final result. What I began to experience was an eye-opening lesson in terms of adjustability. If you can dream it, the Hinomi X1 probably has an adjustment for it.


This ergonomic chair comes with 14 adjustable elements to tailor fit your work and gaming needs, which includes 3D adaptive neck support, 3D lumbar support, 4-panel backrest, leg/foot rest, and armrests. If you are someone who suffers from indecisiveness, then definitely bring your A-game, because this chair gives you a plethora of options.

Personally, my favorite aspect of the chair is the different seating positions you can use depending on your activity. If you want to keep good posture you can lock it into an upright position, if you want to recline you can lean back, and if you want to kick your feet up and relax you can pull out the retractable leg/foot rest.

Although I felt slightly awkward using it as a leg rest, as a foot rest the retractable design is a major win. It is incredibly comfortable to prop your feet and recline the seat when going into game mode or simply scrolling around on your phone.

It’s also a feature that I really think makes the Hinomi X1 stand out from anything else on the market. A discrete yet enjoyable foot/leg rest that can be used in the office or at home really gives this chair an edge.

The backrest and lumbar support are key features of the X1.
The backrest and lumbar support are key features of the X1.

The 4-panel backrest and the lumbar support are another strong aspect of the Hinomi X1 that are very important. Given the fact that our daily lives are often consumed with laptop and mobile work that requires looking downwards, this chair is great for those who want to improve their posture.

As someone who is also trying to improve their posture, I felt these features set the X1 apart from gaming chairs that provide no support in the fight against back pain.

There is simply a lot of customization and versatility that comes with this chair to make it more than just something that looks impressive. There is a practicality involved that I believe is a major selling point for those looking to improve their chair game.

Where the Hinomi X1 Can Be a Bit Cumbersome

The X1 has a durable aluminum alloy frame.
The X1 has a durable aluminum alloy frame.

While I have enjoyed the Hinomi X1 and I believe its durability is to admired, in some ways the chair is a bit too heavy. As I previously mentioned, the box that held the product weighed a little over 70 pounds in total. This is not a light chair by any stretch of the imagination and because of that aspect, moving it around is a bit more challenging.


Since its wheels function well for basic mobility, the chair’s substantial weight can be viewed as a testament to its durable aluminum alloy frame. While the build quality is commendable, it may impact the ease of movement for some users who prioritize lightweight options.

On a positive note, the 6D adjustable armrests offer a range of practical movements, though it’s worth mentioning that the 270° pivot, while easily adjustable, can sometimes shift from the chosen position.

Due to the Hinomi X1’s rich adjustability, careful handling is necessary to avoid unintentional changes in settings. This duality, both a positive and a challenge, stems from the chair’s versatile feature abundance.

Lastly, an aspect I think will be the most divisive among users is the mesh upholstery. If you are interested in the Hinomi X1 as a gaming chair, this woven mesh style might be outside of your norm.

That said, while the fabric in some ways might sacrifice standard cushion comfortability, it makes up in terms of breathability. If you’re a hardcore gamer, something that provides a little more airflow might actually be a preference. Ultimately, it will come down to each individual in terms of their comfort and planned usage.

Concluding Thoughts on the Hinomi X1

If you are looking for a chair that can be efficiently used not only for the office, but also in your downtime, then the Hinomi X1 should be a serious consideration. It is a product that works for both form and function to give you the best of both worlds.

The Hinomi X1 is especially perfect for those who have home offices and can easily get full use out of the chair for both working and gaming. While there are characteristics that are somewhat cumbersome, these are relatively minor compared to the added benefits.

If you are looking to go beyond the standard gaming or desk chair, then this is a great option that provides a lot more than most products on the market.



9 Out of 10

The Hinomi X1 was provided to FandomWire through Hinomi.

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