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‘Hire them for Spider-Man 4’: Marvel Fans Want Sony To Hire ‘Spider-Man: Lotus’ VFX Team for Tom Holland Movie

'Hire them for Spider-Man 4': Marvel Fans Want Sony To Hire 'Spider-Man: Lotus' VFX Team for Tom Holland Movie

The world of superheroes has been ever-expanding since the earlier 20th century, courtesy of the publishing juggernauts DC Comics and Marvel Comics. And from these publishers, the world was introduced to the Big Three of superheroes, which are DC’s Superman, Batman, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Spider-Man in particular is one of the most popular superheroes in recent times, thanks to the blockbuster superhits that have decorated the industry with three generations of the web-slinger.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU
Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU

And despite the three generations of reboots and revivals, the fans just cannot get enough of the superhero, which also granted Sony the incentive to make a PlayStation video game for the millions of fans out there. And with this level of demand, it’s hard for any studio to keep up with it, especially when the resources are a little low. Thankfully some fans stepped up to the challenge and have created their own movie that is just as better as the original!

Fans Demand The Team Behind Spider-Man: Lotus To Be Hired For A Movie!

A still from Spider-Man: Lotus
A still from Spider-Man: Lotus

In the past, the quest to create the perfect Spider-Man universe, a.k.a the Spiderverse has been undertaken by Sony, which led them to create 3 different franchises in the past twenty years for the friendly-neighborhood superhero. From Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland in the recent MCU adventure of Peter Parker, every one of them brought a unique aspect of the superhero in a way we haven’t seen before. And now, an independent fan-made movie, titled Spider-Man: Lotus is all set to release, that will yet again do the same!

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After a recent controversy, the upcoming independent Spider-Man flick came to the limelight, and the world got to know about the film. The trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Lotus had been making the rounds on social media as one of the most viral topics on many platforms for the absolutely outstanding VFX work that has been done on such a tight budget.

And with this phenomenal job, fans are going hog wild, asking Sony to hire them for a potential Spider-Man 4 movie that might be in the works.

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What Is Spider-Man: Lotus?

Spider-Man: Lotus
Spider-Man: Lotus

The movie was an independent film that was in production with Kevin Konop and was starring Wayne Warden as Peter Parker. The story revolved around the adaptation of The Night Gwen Stacy Died, Spider-Man: Blue, and The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man storylines. With the controversies surrounding the director and actor using racial slurs and comments, the VFX team behind the project left production along with the assistant director. And now, the movie’s release date is still in doubt.

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Spider-Man: Lotus, releasing in 2023

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