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“His career was over”: Kevin Hart “Saved” Dwayne Johnson’s Drowning Acting Career With His $217 Million Movie

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It is important to have good friends as it helps an individual to have a positive impact in life. Having good friends helps them in maturing as a person and making memorable memories. While good friends are those with whom we have similar interests, a best friend is different, as they are the ones with whom we share our deepest and darkest secrets. One of the best instances of best friends in Hollywood is between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson.

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Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson

The duo is not just close friends but they are amazingly hilarious best friends, and fans would often get to see how funny they can get. Even though they constantly make fun of each other, they are extremely close. Recently, during a Q&A session, Kevin Hart shared that he saved Dwayne Johnson’s career, which started a legendary friendship.

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Kevin Hart Shares How Their Legendary Bromance Began

Recently, the Me Time actor was present on the episode of Actually Me by GQ, where a fan asked him how did their “bromance” begin? Hart stated Dwayne Johnson’s career was over “with the stupid movie Tooth Fairy.” The former WWE Champion called Kevin Hart, who played a pivotal role in saving Johnson’s career from going downhill by working together in Central Intelligence. Which immensely helped Dwayne Johnson in establishing his now $800 million empire.

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Kevin Hart during the GQ Q&A session

“Well, his career was over. He needed help, so naturally what did he do? Call the old K Hart. I came on board, changed that man’s life. By the way, you’re welcome! You’re welcome, cause we know the truth. Before me, you had that stupid movie Tooth Fairy. We all knew what was happening after that. Then, boom, Central Intelligence. [Kevin clapping] Shoots to the moon.”

While the film received mixed reviews from the critics, the fans loved the action comedy, and the chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart was outstanding. The audience found the movie to be hilarious and the comic timing was spot on, and the movie helped Dwayne Johnson in establishing himself as one of the biggest actors in Hollywood.

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The Cast and Plot of Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence had a pretty star-studded cast, as we saw: Dwayne Johnson in the role of Bob Stone, Kevin Hart in the role of Calvin Joyner, Amy Ryan in the role of Agent Pamela Harris, Aaron Paul in the role of Phil, Danielle Nicolet in the role of Maggie Joyner, Ryan Hansen in the role of Steve, Jason Bateman in the role of Trevor Olson, and many more.

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence
Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence

The plot of the movie narrates the story of Clavin Joyner, an accountant, and Bob Stone, a CIA agent, who used to be overweight in high school. After many years they connected on social media. Stone invites Joyner for a reunion, but their reunion takes an unexpected turn; when Joyner learned that his friend is a CIA agent working on a secret mission.

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A still from Central Intelligence

The two friends work together to decrypt the files that are related to the mission, and throughout the movie, they find themselves in life-threatening situations. However, the stakes get even higher when they were getting attacked by government agents who believe that Bob Stoner has gone rogue. The movie is great as it combines various meaningful themes such as friendship, self-acceptance, and a lot of action and comedy. 

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Central Intelligence can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: GQ on YouTube

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