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“His heart just stopped beating”: Richest YouTuber MrBeast Almost Died in a Gruesome Car Accident That Could Have Been Way Worse

Richest YouTuber MrBeast Almost Died in a Gruesome Car Accident That Could Have Been Way Worse

Jimmy Donaldson better known by his alias MrBeast, is the online personality renowned for unique and out-of-the-box video ideas that gained him millions of views. Not only his videos are entertaining to watch but also have a charitable approach to them, as he believes in making the world a better place. His commitment can be seen in his videos as fans sometimes think he can not do anything other than this, he comes up with an idea that would leave the fans in surprise.


His unparalleled charisma and selfless behavior have helped MrBeast to build a strong and close connection with his audience. However, he shared a spine-chilling incident, where he and his friends had a terrible car accident it would have ended his life.

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MrBeast Shares His Near-Death Experience

MrBeast was present on the Impaulsive Podcast hosted by Logan Paul, featuring Mike Majlak, the Youtuber who stated how he was returning with his crew after shooting a video. Tyler and he were in the passenger’s seat but the driver was driving for an 8-hour drive back home. Jimmy Donaldson, midway through the return trip, stated how he started feeling uncomfortable and asked, “Can we pull over to a gas station? I don’t feel too good.” 

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A still from the Impaulsive Podcast
A still from the Impaulsive Podcast

But before Donaldson or his friend could respond, the driver’s head was “just bobbling.” Even though the 25-year-old YouTuber and his friend were shouting at the driver, asking him to wake up, he lay unconscious in the driver’s seat. They tried to bring the car to a stop with one hand on the steering wheel, and the other on the brakes. Luckily, MrBeast and his friend managed to bring the car to a stop at the side of the road.

MrBeast with his friends
MrBeast with his friends

However, that was not the end of the scenario, as the moment the car came to a stop, the driver woke up and stepped on the accelerator. However, Donaldson steered the car into a concrete wall to avoid getting hit by other cars. The YouTuber explained that “His heart just stopped beating… by all metrics he was literally dead.”  Upon a thorough medical checkup, it was discovered that the driver had a medical condition, where his heart would stop at times.

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MrBeast Shares His Everyday Routine

MrBeast found fame at the young age of 25. He has built his massive YouTube empire with 179 million subscribers and is one of the youngest billionaires on the platform. The enormous empire has been built on two essential qualities- consistency and hard work, and it has paid him off. However, when he was asked to share his routine so that others could also follow it to get closer to their dreams, it shocked everyone.

Jimmy Donaldson
Jimmy Donaldson

“So the way I like to work and I don’t recommend you guys to try this. Schedules don’t really work well for me. I am in the zone and I like to go hard. I am very obsessive. A lot of people will work 5 days a week they won’t work on weekends and Ambitious people will try to like restrain themselves and be like nope this schedule can’t work saturday can’t work sunday. That just never works for me. My natural instinct works best so I just work everyday, every hour of the day until I just burnout.”

Jimmy Donaldson has managed to stay relevant and multiply his popularity because he is passionate about his work and constantly attempts to bring something new to his young audience. He would often donate his money to charity, and collaborate with other creators to raise money to donate to foundations. 

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Source: Impaulsive Podcast

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