His House Review: A Decent Netflix Horror Movie

His House Review: A Decent Netflix Horror Movie
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A couple named Bol and Rial Majur, is running away from South Sudan to somewhere they can settle and start a peaceful and normal life. They get on a boat to England, when suddenly something breaks and their daughter “Nyagak”, is screaming for help while drowning in the water. Did they manage to save her, or is this a tragedy that will haunt them forever?


They are kept in an asylum, waiting patiently there for a year, when they’re finally released from detention and seem to be getting a house. The house that they’re given looks good on the outside, but once you are inside nothing seems to be working. At least it’s their house. They don’t share it with anyone else. It’s a fresh start to a new country. It’s their new home. Their new beginning.

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As the days pass, Bol starts to hear noises and sees the figure of a child creeping through the deteriorated walls, potentially hostile. A few nights later, Rial tries to explain to him that there is an “Apeth” haunting them, a witch who wants them to leave. Bol is happy with their house, he doesn’t want to leave. He’s buying new clothes in an effort to try and look like everyone else, like he belongs there. He’s tearing down the wallpapers trying to fix the walls and the cables powering the lights. He’s trying to make it… his house.

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I have to give credit to the movie for setting up a creepy environment, with unsettling figures, good sound design, and some creative scenery when our characters have a flashback. It has the occasional jumpscare you would expect in a horror movie, but that’s mostly to warm you up. The real horrors, lie within the mind. Not being able to tell what is real and what is just a memory, a wicked thing from the past. If you leave it unacknowledged, it will only lead to it getting stronger until it swallows you up.


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