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History Repeats Itself: Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 Connection


If you’re like me, you have been anxiously awaiting Rockstar’s much anticipated sequel to Red Dead Redemption. The famed game studio notoriously leaves a lot to the imagination with a (understandably) minimalistic marketing campaign for their games.  (The games kind of sell themselves)

Late last week we were blessed with our first look at the gameplay of RDR2. (Below)

While I was at first distracted by the beauty and the mechanics and just how freaking in depth and amazing this game is going to be, the video seems all too familiar…

Alas! I remembered that voice… the video structure… the tone.  It was the same used when marketing Grand Theft Auto V  five years ago!

I went back on Rockstar’s Youtube page to find Grand Theft Auto V‘s first gameplay trailer and there it was…

Rockstar obviously has a very systematic approach to marketing their games and content, with an “Official Gameplay Video” being released a couple months before the release of the game.

For those of you that remember Rockstar also released their Grand Theft Auto Online “Official Gameplay Video”  a month after the Grand Theft Auto V “Official Gameplay Video.”

Maybe I’m crazy, but I bet we can expect and Red Dead Redemption Online “Official Gameplay Video” about a month from now.

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