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Hogwarts Legacy Defies All Odds, Generates More Than $850M in Revenue – More Than the First $811M Fantastic Beasts Movie

Hogwarts Legacy Defies All Odds, Generates More Than $850M in Revenue - More Than the First $811M Fantastic Beasts Movie

Hogwarts Legacy stood unscathed by all the controversies surrounding it before its release. The game only took two weeks to collect a whopping collection of more than $850M. It even stands as the most-watched single-player game of all time on Twitch. The first two weeks’ collection even broke the lifetime collection of $811M made by 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. 

A poster of Hogwarts: Legacy
A poster of Hogwarts: Legacy

Due to the statements over the years by the Harry Potter mastermind J.K. Rowling, it can’t be denied that the Wizarding World came under a lot of controversies. Hogwarts Legacy also fell prey to a huge online hate and boycott even after Rowling’s name was not associated with it in any way. But somehow the game flawlessly dodged all that and sold a gargantuan 256% more than the predicted figure.

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Hogwarts Legacy dominates the gaming world

A still of the playthrough of Hogwarts: Legacy
A still from Hogwarts: Legacy

The 2023 game by Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games presents a plot set around the 1800s. Due to the enormous timeline gap of a century between the games and the original Harry Potter books, it presents a whole different storyline.

The game even before its release on all the platforms sold over 12 million units in the first two weeks. This is also officially corroborated by Warner Bros. Games’ Senior Brand and Marketing Manager Arien Darby’s LinkedIn profile. Besides the sales, Hogwarts Legacy has also achieved a record-breaking 1.3 million Twitch viewers. A user @bogorad222 unveiled the details on Twitter by uploading a screenshot of Darby’s LinkedIn profile.

According to, Hogwarts Legacy has already let the UK video game sales in the Q1 of 2023 be 1% higher than last year’s Q1. Noteworthy is the fact that the Q1 of 2022 had titles such as Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West. It will be interesting to watch where the Wizarding World game stands at the end of the year with its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release due on May 5th, 2023. On the other hand, some speculations also suggest a potential sequel and an HBO series on the game.

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Will the world of Hogwarts Legacy be expanded?

Given the success of Hogwarts Legacy, the rumors about a potential sequel are high on the internet. Although we don’t have any official word on it, Warner Bros. Game has announced a Quidditch game titled Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. This upcoming game is not related to the record-breaking game by Avalanche but certainly fulfills the need for a Quidditch game by the fans who felt the absence of it in Hogwarts Legacy. 

J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter

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On the other hand, new reports from Giant Freakin Robot also tell the story about a series being made on the game. After the success of HBO Max’s The Last of Us series, the possibilities cannot be denied fully. While we are also yet to hear anything about this from the official lines, a new Harry Potter live-action series reboot is already been announced which is yet to get new updates.

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