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Hollywood Legend Joe Pesci Returns To World of Acting With ‘BUPKIS’ – Fictional Story Based on Pete Davidson’s Life

Joe Pesci returns BUPKIS movie on pete davidson

Best known for playing acclaimed “rough and tough gangstas”, Joe Pesci’s name rings true for all mafia movie aficionados. The American actor who has served his term in Hollywood is marked by a brilliant career comprising roles mostly defined as violent or loose cannon. But despite his fitting immersion into the fictional world of mob and crime, that’s not all there is to Joe Pesci.

Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci

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What Brought Joe Pesci Out of Retirement?

A signature of all supreme directors, Martin Scorsese too had an inclination for a certain set of actors over others, and those consisted of Robert De Niro alongside Joe Pesci as the trio became renowned for their immortal films like Raging Bull, GoodFellas, Casino, and The Irishman. However, the 79-year-old actor has risen once more out of retirement to star in a comedy series, traversing a highly fictionalized version of events inspired by the life of the actor and comedian, Pete Davidson.

Joe Pesci returns to television acting nearly after 30 years
Joe Pesci returns to television acting nearly after 30 years

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The Academy Award-winning actor who has now twice risen out of retirement (once in 2006 and again in 2019) has joined the cast of Bupkis as Pete Davidson’s grandfather. The series also comprises The Sopranos‘s Edie Falco, yet another eternal name from the Hollywood world of mob classics, who will star as Davidson’s on-screen mother.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

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What We Know About Bupkis So Far

The series, which has been in the works at the fetus NBC streaming platform, Peacock, will delve into a comedic and heightened narrative of Davidson’s life. The comedian who rose to pronounced fame after his short yet memorable stint at the esteemed comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live, has also joined the cast of Bupkis besides additionally serving as executive producer of the show.

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson to play a fictional version of himself in the comedy series Bupkis

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So far, the series will reportedly “combine grounded storytelling with absurd elements from the unfiltered and completely original worldview for which Pete is well known.” SNL star Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, and Broadway Video’s Erin David will executive produce the half-hour series. Dave Sirus and Judah Miller will serve as writers and EPs while Jason Orley has been hired as the director of the series.

So far, no release date has been set for Bupkis but the series will reportedly drop a trailer by the end of 2022.

Source: Variety

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