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Hollywood’s Heartthrob Ana de Armas Going to Star in Sony’s Spider-Man Spin Off Movie ‘El Muerto’- Rumors Debunked

Hollywood's Heartthrob Ana de Armas Going to Star in Sony's Spider-Man Spin Off Movie 'El Muerto'- Rumors Debunked

After the adventures of everyone’s favorite web-slinger in the MCU with the Avengers and the rest of the superheroes from the pages of Marvel Comics, it was time for Spider-Man to return back to his home to Sony. After three films and countless appearances and mentions throughout Marvel Studios’ projects, Sony and Disney decided to end their short-term partnership and go their separate ways.

Three generations of Spider-Man through the years
Three generations of Spider-Man through the years

And as the friendly neighborhood superhero returns to Sony once more, the company has kicked into high gear to expand upon its long-term project to create a cinematic universe with the crawler and a roster of connected characters. And with recent reports coming from many different sources, it seems like Sony might be focusing on the project they had revealed earlier, with the addition being none other than Hollywood diva Ana de Armas in the spin-off film with a Spider-man villain.

Ana De Armas To Join Sony’s Spider-Man Spin-Off Film?

Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas

While it may have been a long time since the announcement by Sony Pictures about the upcoming Spin-Off film titled El Muerto about a Spider-Man villain with the titular name, they hadn’t really disclosed any details about the project except that Puerto Rican Rapper Bad Bunny will be playing the role of the said character. But according to many sources, the newest addition to the cast of the upcoming film might be Ana de Armas in an undisclosed role, which has been the subject of speculation ever since the article by Screen Geek became the center of attention.

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While the news might be coming from inside sources like MyTimeToShineHello saying that the actress is a consideration on Sony’s list, other sources of the same reputation like Big Screen Leaks have replied to the speculations with a negative response, which has put everyone who has been following the news into confusion.

Seeing that the titular villain El Muerto has been nothing more than a recurring villain without any real significance in the narrative of the SpiderVerse in Marvel Comics, there is a large part of the fandom that is skeptical of the upcoming film in the first place. Thus, doubt is a natural response when someone with a reputation as The Gray Man star is rumored to become part of a film. Yet again, it might be too early to judge something based on mere speculations.

Thus, no one can really say for sure whether Armas is or will be joining the cast of the upcoming movie by Sony Pictures at the moment,

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What’s Next For Ana de Armas?

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in a still from Ghosted
Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in a still from Ghosted

While everyone may still not know whether the star will or will not be joining the SpiderVerse, we know she is keeping a busy schedule. With the trailer of her upcoming film Ghosted alongside MCU star Chris Evans may be generating a lot of hype, she is also ready to take lives in the upcoming John Wick spin-off series titled Ballerina, which will let the audience dive even further into the world of Assassins.

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Ghosted, in cinemas in 2023

Source: ScreenGeek

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