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Hollywood’s Heartthrob Ana De Armas Was Rejected From Robert Pattinson’s $735 Million Movie After a Rigorous Audition Process

Hollywood's Heartthrob Ana De Armas Was Rejected From Robert Pattinson's $735 Million Movie After a Rigorous Audition Process

Ana de Armas has become a prominent figure in Hollywood through her immaculate performances in several critically acclaimed projects, including Blade Runner, No Time to Die, etc. Her recent movie, Blonde also garnered abundant praise, and the actress also went on to earn her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

But apart from the plethora of successful projects she has been involved in, it appears that the actress also came close to getting a shot at the iconic Batman character. But despite failing to grab that opportunity, fans believe that the actress can pull off the perfect Poison Ivy in future DC entries.

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Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas

Ana De Armas was initially the frontrunner for the role of Catwoman in The Batman

Following the recent success of Robert Pattinson’s take on The Dark Knight, one of the prominent aspects of the movie was Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. Although fans adored Kravitz’s take on the Cat Burglar, it appears that she wasn’t the initial choice for the role and the Blade Runner 2049 star Ana de Armas almost surpassed Kravitz for the role of Selina Kyle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, several actresses, including Ana de Armas went through a rigorous audition process and the Blonde actress almost landed the role in The Batman. But even though the actress was eventually sidelined from the role, the idea of her being a DC villain still hovers around the web, with one common role being the character of Poison Ivy.

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Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle in The Batman
Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle in The Batman

Poison Ivy can be the perfect role for Ana de Armas in DCU

Despite Ana de Armas’ departure from the role of Catwoman, many are convinced that she is the perfect actress to bring back Poison Ivy on the big screens. But considering that Matt Reeves is inclined towards a more realistic approach for his Batman universe, the following entries in this universe might not witness characters like Poison Ivy in the future.

However, following James Gunn’s new DCU, which is set to introduce a more seasoned and experienced Batman through the upcoming movie, The Brave and the Bold. It’s safe to assume that many villains from the Caped Crusader’s rouge gallery, including Poison Ivy could have been already established in the DCU. And fans believe that Ana de Armas should be the one to redeem the character on the big screen after the character’s last movie appearance in 1997’s Batman and Robin.

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Poison Ivy could be the perfect role for Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas could be the perfect candidate to play Poison Ivy in DCU

Even though fans have been expressing their desire to witness Ana de Armas in the role of Poison Ivy. Considering that the DCU is still in its initial stages, it might be a long while (if ever) before we see the Blonde actress in the realms of DC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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