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Hollywood’s Heartthrob Zendaya Had a Crush on Oscar Winning Actor Before She Dated Tom Holland

zendaya and tom holland

Being one of the most talented and popular divas in the industry, there is no shortage of both male and female admirers of Zendaya’s stunning visage and beauty. But don’t let that make you believe she only relies on her looks, the young actress has the accolades and her star-studded resume filled with spectacular projects to prove her worth in Hollywood.


Thus, apart from her much-followed professional life, fans are also interested to know what’s going on in her personal life, her dating life to be precise. Therefore, many people who seriously love the work of the star know that before her recent relationship with Tom Holland, the K.C. Undercover star was infatuated with someone else from the industry.

Leonardo DiCaprio Was Zendaya’s Crush Before Tom Holland

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio in a still from Titanic

While many people might think that Hollywood Heartthrob Zendaya would normally get her roles for her pretty face and charm, she proves them wrong with the amazing acting talent that has made her the youngest Golden Globe award winner for her role of Rue Bennet in the superhit HBO series Euphoria. Thus her fand was curious about what kind of a person she was attracted to romantically, and she revealed that she had a celebrity crush before she and Tom Holland started dating each other.

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During an interview back in 2016 on The Ellen Show, the star found herself amid a rapid-fire Q&A session with the host where she had to choose a male star from a long list of modern Hollywood hunks to have a hypothetical relationship with. While the list consisted of many popular and enticing names of Drake, Harry Styles, and Michael B. Jordan, Zendaya remained loyal to her long-time crush Leonardo DiCaprio all the while she played the game.

While the Romeo+Juliet star might not be dating anyone other than supermodels, Zendaya might’ve left an impression on him through her multiple Hollywood projects.

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How Did Zendaya And Tom Holland Start Dating?

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya and Tom Holland

While the fact that both of the stars are in a relationship together is a wonderful thing, the history behind their coming together is also equally wonderful. Both of them started seeing each other while they were filming Spider-Man: Homecoming together. Shortly after rumors started floating around that both of them were falling for each other both in real and reel life, they decided to make their relationship official through their Instagram pages in 2017, and the rest is history.

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