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‘Holy smokes they did it’: Star Wars Fans Rejoice as “Ahsoka” Reportedly Casts Lars Mikkelsen, Original Voice Actor of Grand Admiral Thrawn, in Live Action Series

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The Mikkelsen brothers are quite a pair of actors, they’re smart, good-looking, intelligent, and of course, do their job like no other. While Mads Mikkelsen may be the popular choice of casting for most directors, let’s not forget that Lars Mikkelsen, who is the older of the two, does an excellent job both as an actor and a voice actor too!

Lars Mikkelsen is 58 years old and his age doesn’t seem to matter to the actor, in fact, the science of our voices getting raspier due to age has reportedly helped the actor bag a role he had departed from in 2018! For the unversed, he’s the voice behind General Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels, and it’s rumored that he’s back as a live-action Thrawn.

Lars Mikkelsen FandomWire
L to R: Mads and Lars Mikkelsen

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Lars Mikkelsen Reportedly Recast As Grand Admiral Thrawn

Star Wars Rebels is an amazing 3D-animated TV series. It tells us the events that occurred in the Star Wars galaxy over a decade after all that transpired in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

One of the standout characters that fans love in the series, despite him being a villain is General Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen)- a high-ranking senior officer loyal to the Galactic Empire and also one of the most cunning villains in the Star Wars franchise.

Lars Mikkelsen FandomWire
Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels

Now coming to the point, the new Ahsoka TV series will be based on Ahsoka Tano’s adventures, or we can say, her quest to find General Admiral Thrawn who disappeared in the finale of Star Wars Rebels. Rosario Dawson will be returning to reprise her role as the titular character after The Mandalorian, but who’s going to play Thrawn?

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According to reports, the return of Lars Mikkelsen as Vurawn/Thrawn is supposedly what’s about to happen. There are multiple sources who are in support of the reported reprisal news, one from freelance journalist Christopher Marc, and another from Cinelinx Editor-in-Chief Jordan Maison-

Maison reinforces Marc’s statement-

Crazy, isn’t it? We can totally see Mikkelsen play the Chiss military leader, he even looks the part! And of course, his raspy, calm, but the intimidating voice is definitely going to send chills down our spines, given the rumors are true.

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Fans Rejoice At Lars Mikkelsen’s Reported Recast As Thrawn

Lars Mikkelsen’s reported return as General Admiral Thrawn is happy news for everyone. But this would mean that the Sherlock star is one of the few actors who has been recast to portray a live-action version of a character that they’ve already lent their voice.

Lars Mikkelsen FandomWire
Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels

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A notable omission is Ahsoka’s voice actor from Star Wars Rebels. Rosario Dawson was the preferred choice to represent Ahsoka over Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels voice actor Ashley Eckstein, which is logical because Dawson’s skin color is more aligned with Ahsoka’s skin color.

Regardless, fans have been nothing but elated to hear of Mikkelsen’s rumored reprisal and these tweets just sum up their joy-

It’s a small world-

Yep! –

Good news this late is good news regardless-

Mic Drop-

We weren’t messing around when we said he looks the part-

Lars Mikkelsen already has the chilling voice for Thrawn, and he does look the part. It would be wonderful if these reports do manifest into reality because we honestly cannot see anyone else playing the Admiral.

Ahsoka is set for a Disney+ release in 2023.

Source: The Direct

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