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Home Alone Star Macaulay Culkin Wants Jake Paul To Get Punched in the Head Repeatedly: “No better way to celebrate my half birthday”

Home Alone Star Macaulay Culkin Wants Jake Paul To Get Punched in the Head Repeatedly: "No better way to celebrate my half birthday"

YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul, was ready to battle it out in the ring with former Love Island star, Tommy Fury. Taking place in the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia on Sunday night, the match went on for eight rounds. Tommy Fury is the brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and is a professional boxer himself. Even Macaulay Culkin could not help but pick sides in the highly-anticipated match.

Macaulay Culkin
Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin has undoubtedly been a part of a lot of people’s Christmas with his film Home Alone. Therefore, it was pretty interesting to see which boxer’s team he was on. Celebrating his half birthday, Macaulay Culkin confirmed that he was indeed placing his bets on Tommy Fury. The long-running rivalry between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul ended with Macaulay Culkin winning the bet.

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Macaulay Culkin Enjoyed Seeing Jake Paul get Punched

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

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Happy half-birthday to Macaulay Culkin! The actor was born on August 26, 1980, and therefore, the day of the boxing match fell on his half birthday as the actor turned forty-two and a half. Tommy Fury’s win against Jake Paul turned out to be the best gift Culkin could have received on his day. Taking to Twitter, Culkin threw Paul one last punch of the night. He stated that there was no better way he could have spent his half-birthday than seeing Paul’s defeat at the hands of Fury.

In the end, the W went to Fury who defeated Paul by a split decision. While one judge scored the match 75-74 to Paul, the other two scored it 76-73 to Fury. Owing to this match, Fury has won nine out of nine of his professional matches. On the other hand, the match marked Paul’s first loss in seven of his matches. Fury dedicated his win to his new-born daughter Bambi and even challenged Paul for a rematch.

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Macaulay Culkin Wasn’t the Only One in Team Fury

Tommy Fury wins the match
Tommy Fury wins the match

While Culkin was rather enjoying seeing Fury punch Paul, there were other big names who had their eyes glued to the ring. KSI, who had a similar battle with Paul’s older brother Logan Paul, surprisingly placed his bet on Paul. Drake also took part in the bets and placed a $400,000 bet on Paul. While the YouTuber was emerging victorious in the popularity contest, Tyson Fury placed his bet on his younger brother.

Talking to iFL TV, Fury stated that his younger brother knocks out 90% of the people he battles with, which makes picking his side the obvious choice. However, it baffled him how the experts were taking Paul’s side in the match.

“Tommy knocks out 90% of the people that he spars with or drops them at least, so he’s a very hard puncher and Jake Paul will find that out…I know Tommy is going to knock him out. What is a little bit stupid is I see all these experts and professional boxers picking Jake Paul over Tommy.”

Well, as the match has reached its end and Fury has emerged victorious, we can only say that Fury was right to place his bets on his brother. Tough luck, Team Paul!

Source: Twitter | Macaulay Culkin

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