Homelander Might Hate Butcher But Antony Starr Would Rather Go Through Excruciating Pain Than Talk About Karl Urban’s Annoying Habit

Turns out Antony Starr and Karl Urban's onscreen and offscreen relationships differ greatly!

Antony Starr Homelander and Karl Urban William Butcher


  • Fans love the cast's chemistry, evident in their playful public appearances, even as season 4 struggles to impress viewers.
  • Antony Starr praises Karl Urban's professionalism, while Chace Crawford reveals Urban's Backgammon obsession.
  • Despite high critic ratings, season 4 has received poor audience reviews, with fans citing plot changes and deviation from the source material as key issues.
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The cast of Amazon Prime’s The Boys is known to have one of the best chemistry of all time. Often joking and having fun, fans love the romance that exists between the cast in each and every one of their public appearances. As a result, even though season 4 of the show has failed to entice viewers, the promotions are being well-loved by fans.

the boys
The cast of The Boys | Amazon Prime

Recently, Antony Starr and Chace Crawford made their way to First We Feats’ Hot Ones Versus. While fans were in awe of their undeniable bromance, the duo spilled some secrets from the sets of The Boys. But when it came to revealing bits about Karl Urban, Starr would rather suffer than talk about his on-screen nemesis’ worst habit.

Antony Starr Will Never Reveal Karl Urban’s Most Annoying Habit!

Antony Starr and Karl Urban in a still from The Boys
Antony Starr and Karl Urban in a still from The Boys | Amazon Prime

Antony Starr and Karl Urban star as Homelander and Billy Butcher, respectively, in the hit Amazon series, The Boys. Starring as an arch nemesis, the on-screen tension between them is one of the best parts and defining aspects of the show. Filled with tension, conflict, and vengeance, their relationship adds complexity and intrigue to the storyline.


However, Starr seems to have forgotten all about his character’s desire for vengeance when it comes to Urban’s Butcher. During the recent interview with First We Feats’ Hot Ones Versusthe actor was asked by his co-star Chace Crawford, aka The Deep, to reveal what Urban’s most annoying habit on set was.

While Starr went on to reveal how professional the two usually are while shooting their scenes together, the Homelander star stated he has nothing to say about his on-screen arch nemesis since he is “cool to work with.” Crawford, however, knew perfectly well what Urban’s most annoying habit is.

A true shocker for fans, as per Crawford, Karl Urban is too fond of the game Backgammon and plays it “incessantly on set.” He did add that most of the cast members are obsessed with the game. It is a bit funny to imagine that the cast of such an unhinged show is fond of a game like Backgammon.


The Boys Season 4 Fails to Woo Audiences

The Boys
The Boys season 4 (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The Boys has consistently maintained a highly positive rating throughout its previous three seasons. Despite being full of the usual “unhingedness” and more, season 4 of the Amazon Prime show has failed to impress the audiences. Although critics gave the show’s latest season a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience rated it 52%, making season 4 the first of its seasons to end up in the bin.

While the fourth season still has some episodes left, the audience ratings are bound to change. But the feat of the season being the series’ first season to earn a rotten designation is not only surprising but a cause for concern as well.

From Frenchie’s romance to the alleged drop in quality, fans have provided several reasons why the season has failed to entice them. Furthermore, the series falling audience rating might be undergoing a review-bombing campaign because of plot changes or diverting from the source material. Even the show’s heavy political theme might be a reason why audiences have disliked the latest season.


With 5 episodes still left to premiere, only time will tell how the show will fare!

The Boys can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


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