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Homelander: The Supe’s Most Horrifying Act From The Comics

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Coming out of Amazon Studios, Eric Kripke’s The Boys has been one of the best superhero shows to have released in recent years. Adapted from Garth Ennis’ graphic novel of the same name, The Boys follow a wild group of unpredictable, dangerous, and highly resourceful individuals with one aim: take down the Seven. But most importantly, their main target is the leader of the Seven, Homelander.


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In a world filled with superheroes, the Seven is the most powerful and popular superhero society which comes under the jurisdiction of Vought International. The Seven is led by Homelander, a patriotic hero whose costume bleeds of American colors. Created as the parody of DC’s Superman, Homelander’s similarity with the world’s greatest superhero pretty much ends with their quite identical powers. Whereas Superman is inherently noble and quite the idealistic hero, Homelander is the exact opposite. Despite being marketed as America’s greatest hero, Homelander is a narcissist and psychopath, who cares only for himself.

Antony Starr as Homelander

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In the show, Homelander is played by New Zealand actor Antony Starr. Staying quite faithful to the source material when it comes to its notorious graphic nature, Antony Starr’s portrayal of the deranged Supe has received widespread acclaim. From casually killing people with his lasers to letting dozens of people die in a plane crash without an iota of remorse, the show’s Homelander is quite close to his comic book counterpart when it comes to the general disregard for human life.

In both the comics and the show, Homelander has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes possible. From deliberately creating superhuman terrorists to raping Billy Butcher’s wife, Homelander is beyond any redemption. Yet, he still manages to outperform all his horrifying acts in the comics when he decided to kill a family because he felt like doing so.


In The Boys #47, a lucky family is called upon to the stage of Believe’s superhero convention, the highly commoditized religious expo which was also shown in the show. The family appears to have won a new car as a prize. To top that off, Homelander graces the stage to award the car to the lucky family. Taking it a notch further, Homelander tells the family that he will personally fly them over to a restaurant for their celebratory dinner.

Homelander in The Boys #47

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As the family is seated inside the car, Homelander picks up the car and flies up towards the sky. But suddenly, what was supposed to be a celebratory event turned to a full-blown horror show in the freezing skies. As Homelander kept flying higher, the rapidly dropping temperature made the family extremely uncomfortable, with the father pleading to land them on the ground.

Screenshot 129

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Unperturbed, Homelander engaged in a monologue regarding the futility of religion and how the family had just wasted so much money while using some choicest racist slurs. As Homelander tells the Mullers that they should have instead burned their money, he showed how unhinged he can truly be when it comes to discarding innocent lives. Without any visible remorse, Homelander threw the car and the Mullers from the sky to their certain deaths.

Screenshot 131

Though Homelander has been responsible for some extremely graphic and violent deaths, this particular act ranks at the top for his penchant for senseless murders. His deplorable acts of murdering dozens of people in the past were mostly out of his childish rage. However, the murder of the Muller family was absolutely unnecessary which he committed by going out of his way.

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Dressed in the colors of America, Homelander might have fooled millions of Americans that he is an ideal superhero. But in reality, he is a remorseless killer endowed with incredible abilities. His senseless murder of the Mullers just proved why Homelander is the most dangerous person out there. He commits the most heinous things not out of compulsion or insanity, but simply because he can.

Written by Akash Senapati

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