Dave Bautista Says He Wouldn’t Join James Gunn’s DCU as Bane Possibility After His Final Movie in MCU

"Honestly, I could give a F*ck": Dave Bautista Rejects Joining James Gunn's DCU as Bane Possibility After His Final Movie in MCU

When the fans first saw the creation of James Gunn in the MCU in the form of Guardians Of The Galaxy, people were taken by surprise by how much of a pop-culture galore the film was, which was also the reason for the success of the films that would follow. And when the news spread about the director jumping ship to DC Films, people were excited to wait for the new era to rise from the mind of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

James Gunn
James Gunn

And after taking matters into his own hands, the new CEO started to tear down the old foundations of the DCEU to build something on top of it, which meant an all-new vision that he wants to see fulfilled. Following this, there have been a lot of rumors saying that the director is looking to work with people he has already worked with in the past to get everything rolling faster, but it seems like Dave Bautista, one of his associates, doesn’t want to continue in the superhero genre.

Dave Bautista May Leave The Superhero Life?

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista

While James Gunn might’ve already laid out the plan for the first chapter of the upcoming DCU for the public to get excited about, there is still the decision of picking extraordinary talent from the industry to execute his vision. Thus, he has chosen to first work with people he already knows and is a witness to their work. Although many people are along with the idea, MCU star and employee of the director Dave Bautista might be out of the equation.

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Looking at the recent trends that Bautista has been following relating to his choice of playing characters apart from Drax in his upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 have all been unrelated to superheroes in general. From playing the role in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery to his role in Dune, the star is pursuing his career to become an all-encompassing actor and master his skills. He said:

“Honestly, I could give a f*** [about being a movie star], I don’t care about the spotlight, I don’t care about fame. I just want to be a better actor. I want respect from my peers. I don’t need accolades—I really don’t, man. It’s about the experience, about knowing that I accomplished something.”

With the upcoming MCU film being his last crusade in a superhero film, it’ll be an interesting experience to witness him make the most of it and leave a legacy.

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What To Expect From Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3?

A still from Guardians Of The Galaxy
A still from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Seeing as the upcoming MCU film is the last in the franchise, along with possibly being James Gunn’s last contribution to Marvel Studios before completely switching to DC Films, the director has revealed that the film will go out with a bang, making sure the fans get what they deserve. With the return of Gamorra and Rocket’s dark past, the entire squad will face new challenges and go down with a blaze of glory.

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Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3, in cinemas on 5 May 2023

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