“Honestly not as bad as people make it out to be”: History is Surprisingly Kinder to The Flash as Ezra Miller Starrer Turns 1 Year of Hitting the Theaters

Despite initial backlash, Ezra Miller's The Flash gained newfound respect on its first anniversary.

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  • Celebrating its first anniversary, fans showered Ezra Miller's DC movie with positive response.
  • After a year since hitting theaters, The Flash’s action and humor resonated with fans and critics.
  • Initially met with skepticism and scrutiny, Ezra Miller’s The Flash gained newfound respect.
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In a world where superhero movies either hit the mark or miss it by a mile, Ezra Miller’s The Flash undoubtedly zapped for the latter. Met with skepticism and critical scrutiny following its release, The Flash is now celebrating its first anniversary since zipping onto the silver screen in that iconic red suit.

Ezra Miller as The Flash
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash | Warner Bros, DC Studios

But surprisingly enough, as people revisit the film on its first anniversary, a reassessment takes place among critics and fans. Defying early assessments of the film’s impact and reception, Ezra Miller’s The Flash is now carving out a more favorable place in superhero cinema.

Ezra Miller’s The Flash Celebrates its First Anniversary

Initially met with skepticism and scrutiny, Ezra Miller’s The Flash is now celebrating its lightning-fast journey as the film marked its first anniversary on June 15, via @HollywoodHandle. Bringing DC’s beloved Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen to vivid life, The Flash delved into a whirlwind adventure through time, space, and the heart of the DC Universe.


Directed by Andy Muschietti, The Flash promised a unique blend of spectacle and emotion. But unfortunately, upon racing into the theaters, the movie was met with raised eyebrows and cautious anticipation from fans and critics. Overly analyzed and critically scrutinized by moviegoers, the film ended up being a massive failure in DCEU.

Ezra Miller The Flash
A still from The Flash (2023) | Warner Bros, DC Studios

Despite Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, and George Clooney’s star power, the movie became a box office catastrophe. DC’s high hopes regarding its ambitious project were thus shattered after The Flash became the second biggest failure of 2023. Although the film bagged $266M worldwide, via The Numbers, it supposedly underperformed at the box office due to controversies surrounding Miller.

The Flash Receives Newfound Appreciation Among Fans

However, despite the negativity faced by the film upon its release, The Flash surprisingly witnessed reassessment from fans during its first anniversary. Revisiting the film’s impact and reception a year later, fans showered Ezra Miller‘s underdog with favorable remarks and positive reviews.


While people initially compared The Flash to its predecessors and scrutinized its storyline and execution, Miller’s movie was praised for bringing a quirky and heartfelt dimension to Barry Allen, during its 1 year anniversary. Finding appreciation among viewers seeking a refreshing take on the superhero genre, The Flash gained unprecedented respect.



The Flash might not have achieved universal acclaim upon its release, but it has undoubtedly garnered a more nuanced appreciation over time. So, as we celebrate The Flash, for reaching its first-year milestone, it’s evident that history is indeed kinder to this Ezra Miller starrer than initially predicted.

The Flash is available on Max. 


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