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“Honestly you guys ever j*rk off to this girl?”: UFC Veteran Calls $6.9B Dwayne Johnson, John Cena Franchise Retarded

"Honestly you guys ever j*rk off to this girl?": UFC Veteran Calls $6.9B Dwayne Johnson, John Cena Franchise Retarded

The legacy of the Fast & Furious franchise is something that can’t be easily described by the fans. A journey that spanned more than 20 years had its fair share of moments that made us fall in love with it even more. And to this day, the entire fandom stays loyal to the franchise as it now enters into the last leg of the adventure.

Concept art of Furious 7
Concept art of Furious 7

And while there may be many fans from both within the Hollywood industry and beyond, the series also has its fair share of ill-wishers that just don’t like the entire franchise as a whole. Recently, a UFC star took to Twitter to mock the existence of the franchise, calling it reta*ed, while also writing vulgar comments on one of the characters from the series.

UFC Fighter Sean Strickland Calls The Entire Fast Franchise Illogical

UFC Middleweight fighter Sean Strickland
UFC Middleweight fighter Sean Strickland

Popular for its non-stop pulse-pounding high-octane car chases, street racing, and a strong message to familial bonds, the Fast & Furious franchise is highly regarded as one of the best long-running franchises in the industry, and for very good reasons. Although its popularity might be touching the roof, there are many that do not like what the franchise has to offer, one of which is the UFC Middleweight fighter Sean Strickland, who recently took to Twitter to bash the franchise that stars actors like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and many other big-name celebrities.

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With the release of the latest Fast X in the franchise, the film has been the talk of the town as it is being called one of the best additions to the series in a long while. But Strickland, who is infamous for his opinions on the internet called the whole franchise a waste of time and nonsensical. Then, he also went ahead and wrote an uncouth statement about Jordana Brewster’s character Mia.

While this may be his own personal opinions on the franchise, it is sure to ruffle some feathers on the internet as fans of the franchise might come in defense of the series.

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What Has Fast X Brought To The Franchise?

A still from Fast X
A still from Fast X

With the end of the road now in sight for the franchise, the latest installment has decided to go out in a blaze of glory with the release of Fast X. Putting on a non-stop action-packed run time filled with all the familiar bits about the series like souped-up cars and pulse-pounding action, mixed with the insanity of Jason Momoa’s villain Dante Reyes, the result that came out was a perfect blend of familiarity and uniqueness to the film.

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Fast X, now in theatres.

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