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‘Hope he gets canceled for real’: Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Pokes Fun at Batgirl Cancelation By WB, Gets Blasted On Twitter For Being Tone-Deaf

After gaining household fame overnight following the release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings last year, Simu Liu has earned a big reputation for being one of the kindest, most relatable, and perfect new stars in Hollywood. Though, he may have just made a huge social media mess after his typically odd tweets which took a huge blow because of poking fun at the recent matter of cancellations made by Warner Bros.

Simu Liu gets blasted by fans for mocking DC cancellations
Simu Liu gets blasted by fans for mocking DC cancellations

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It’s already been a sad week for fans as Warner Bros. canceled Batgirl. And now Simu Liu has decided it is funny to poke fun at this by tweeting about Marvel deciding to put off the “Shang-Chi Holiday Special”.

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Simu Liu Pokes Fun at DC Cancellations, Leaving Fans Mad

Shang-chi Holiday Special gets scrapped
Shang-chi Holiday Special gets scrapped

Recently Simu Liu took to his Twitter and wrote a post that didn’t take long for the users to voice against the actor vigorously mocking events that have massively affected many of the stars in the filmmaking industry. And yet, the tweet hasn’t been removed but one of the newest members of the Avengers and potential figurehead of The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars has been known to delete risky content from his timeline in the past, so it can’t be figured out that he’ll see the mistake of his ways.

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Already the Batgirl disaster is a terrible one for the cast and creative crew behind the DCEU origin story, who spent all this time working their sweat out for the film, only to have it yanked away from them in the tag of cost-cutting and tax write-offs. It’s a terrible situation, but now might not be the perfect time for an MCU star to be enjoying their misfortune.

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Shang-Chi Holiday Special ‘Scrapped’ by Disney

Simu Liu makes a highly offensive joke on Twitter leaving fans mad
Simu Liu makes a highly offensive joke on Twitter leaving fans mad

After the brutal cancellation of Batgirl, fans of the DCEU are planning to be won over by David Zaslav and his crew in an essential way, with the recently-installed CEO sketching his plans for the outlook of the superhero franchise. Previously also almost a decade ago, the DCEU bragged a packed list of projects, but almost half of them didn’t come to pass, while The Flash movie still isn’t to be released until next summer.

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Simu Liu’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is currently streaming on Disney+