“Hopefully, I will have a life with it”: Netflix’s One Piece Actor Breaks Silence on Returning for Season 2 That Might Change the Original Storyline

This isn't the last you have seen of Arlong in One Piece live-action, and the cast of the character confirms so.

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  • McKinley Belcher III is the actor behind the main antagonist of One Piece live-action season 1.
  • In a recent interview, he stated that he would love to work on the show again.
  • But if the character returns in season 2, t might piss off a lot of fans.
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After the smash hit debut of the One Piece live-action series, fans have been waiting for a second season with bated breath. Season 1 was among the top 10 trending series on Netflix, and since then, the anticipation for more adaptations has only grown.


Of course, everyone is curious about the arcs that will be featured in season 2. The last episode of season 1 showed the Straw Hats defeating Arlong, which can be considered the end of the Arlong Park Arc.

In a recent interview, McKinley Belcher III, the star who played Arlong in the One Piece live-action revealed some much-awaited hints towards the upcoming episodes.


Arlong’s Actor Claims He Would Love to Return to One Piece Live-Action

Arlong in Baratie
Arlong in One Piece Live Action | Netflix, Tomorrow Studios

McKinley Belcher III, the actor who played the infamous Captain Arlong, talked about his experience with the One Piece live-action series, in an interview with Digital Spy.

The actor admitted that he would like to be involved again as he had an incredible time shooting for the first season. Additionally, the actor also let loose what everyone else was dying to know.

Because of the lore, there’s more stories to tell whenever they get to Fish-Man Island.

[One Piece Spoilers Ahead]


If you are an avid One Piece reader/watcher, you know that this isn’t Arlong’s last appearance. While he has been defeated for good, his past reign of terror has already sowed the seed for the rise of other bullies in his absence.

In the Fish Man Island Arc, after the two-year timeskip, the Straw Hats will face Hody Jones and his crew. Hody is another Fishman who hates humans and grew up surrounded by hatred, feeding on the negative ideologies of Arlong and other pirates.

Luffy defeated Arlong in One Piece
Luffy defeated Arlong | One Piece | Toei

In this arc, Arlong appears in many flashbacks, so that Hody’s vengeful tendency could be explained. If the live-action creators want to really flesh out the Fishman Island arc, then it is inevitable to bring Belcher on board again for playing Arlong.


Belcher is aware of the plot and explains:

So I am in contact with the showrunner and assuming the show has a life, hopefully I will have a life with it.

Belcher’s portrayal of Arlong has been praised by fans and there is no doubt that people will be looking forward to his return.

Will Arlong Return in One Piece Season 2? How Will it Change the Original Storyline?

Season 1 of One Piece covered the whole of the East Blue Saga, except the Loguetown Arc. Season 2 is likely to adapt the Arabasta Saga, which comes right afterward. After Arlong’s defeat, he will be seen once again in the Fish Man Island Saga, which is the seventh saga of One Piece.

One Piece Arlong
One Piece Arlong | Toei

Considering that the live-action adapts one to two sagas per season, there is no way that Arlong will return in season 2. If the Fish Man Island arc is hurriedly put in season 2, it would mean skipping many extremely important arcs of the original series.

However, that is unlikely to happen, as even Belcher is aware that his return will not happen any time soon. This is why he said that assuming the show still has life, he would return.

You can watch the One Piece live-action series on Netflix.


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