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Horizon Zero Dawn Coming To PC

Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC

PC gamers rejoice as the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4 has been announced for the PC.  

In an unexpected move, Sony has decided to port Horizon Zero Dawn. For those who do not know, Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world PS4 exclusive game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

The plot follows Aloy, an orphan child who grows into a ruthless world taken over by machines as she uncovers the truth about her parentage. The game received massive critical success but many were disappointed by it’s limited release on the PS4. Fans have clamored for a wider release as many want to play the open world game. 

Exact details haven’t been released but the game is expected to launch both on Steam and Epic.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not the only game to be making the leap to PC this year as Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima will be doing the same. This also makes sense since both Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn share the same Decima Engine. 

It also makes sense as Kojima and Guerrilla productions have been close and have worked together for many years prior. 

It is unclear at this time how exactly will Horizon Zero Dawn be transferred, converted, and formatted to the PC but needless to say, fans are very much excited for this game’s release. 

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Horizon’s release is a major turnaround for gamers as now it is possible for PS4 games to be played on PC. However, everything lies in the reception of the gamers as  converting the game could result into glitches and bugs. The same issue occured for games like Batman: Arkham Knight and Red Dead Redemption 2 when they were ported over to the PC.

Here’s hoping that does not happen and the reception for the game will be positive so that Sony will consider releasing more of their exclusive games for the PC in the future. 

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